How To Live A Better Life

We do have a lot of things that define our humanity. It comes out in different ways — whether it’s good deeds, a sense of ethics, a social conscience, a love for a favorite hobby, or a sense of humor — sometimes we see each of these in different roles.

For all the power many things within us have to influence our well-being, sometimes only one small thing has that enormous impact, which is one person. There are few people who can inspire such devotion, or challenge us to be better. But that is only one of the many reasons I love to spend a few minutes each Tuesday taking a deep breath and focusing on one person.

This week, I want to talk about the one person whose words of wisdom inspire me to work harder, and take a personal journey that changes the way I think about everything. This role is called “The Guru”.

Some of my favorite quotes from The Guru are listed below:

“Nothing in life, if viewed with the right attitude, can be difficult.” — The Guru

“There is no problem with your job, just as there is no problem with your love life, your hobbies, or your favorite sports team… The important thing is your attitude. If you don’t have that, it’s just a problem that might be worth solving.” — The Guru

“Life’s not fair; every now and then you have to have a little compassion. This is what I mean by having a bad day.” — The Guru

“People who are too busy thinking about the big problems to think about the little problems are wasting their talent.” -The Guru

“The way to solve a problem is to have fewer problems.” — The Guru

“When things are going well, the question I ask myself is ‘How can I help others?’ When things are not going well, the question I ask myself is ‘When can I move on with my life?'” — The Guru

“The future’s just around the corner. I just have to get started.”” — The Guru

“The only way to avoid problems is not to have them.” — The Guru

“Success is not something that’s just handed to you. It’s something that takes hard work. A lot of hard work.” — The Guru

“Life is like a box of chocolates. Some days you’ll go to bed with all of the chocolate you could eat and the next morning you find half of it gone. It happens.” — The Guru

“If you have not made a decision yet, start one.” — The Guru

“If we want the future to be better than what we have right now, we must change the way we live today.” — The Guru

“You will become a better person for living life to the fullest.” — Guru Chaim

“Let the best be the enemy of the good.” — Guru Chaim

“Don’t try so hard to find out why something happens, just let something happen.” — The Guru

“You can only make someone better if you allow yourself to develop them.” — Guru Chaim

“What you do in the moment has the power to determine your fate.” — Guru Chaim

“No matter what you are doing, your actions have a purpose. The purpose can’t be made up if we don’t have the intent to achieve it.” — Guru Chaim

“We are not born to live a life of loneliness. We are born to experience the fullness of life” — Guru Chaim

“There is no more important thing than your relationship with others. They shape who you are as a person and bring out the best in you.” –Achim Gellman

“We are not stuck with a lot of things that no longer serve us, but our ability to love them and be free from them.”