How To Live A Life That Is Naturally Long-lasting And Pleasant

If you want a better life, don’t wait until it comes. Get it now. Stop making excuses for not living a life worth living. The biggest obstacle you face is yourself — you can’t change what you can’t see. You need to work on yourself and become more aware of what lies ahead. You can learn to see your life’s challenges. Learn how to take the first steps toward resolving them. Discover how to live a life that is not only pleasant but has a long-lasting and beneficial effect on your quality of life.

If you are the type of person who is waiting for the perfect “perfect” life to arrive before you make your choices, you will be making the “perfect” life for many. And many will fail. Because your life may never be “perfect”. It may not “feel perfect”. Some people have an unrealistic perception of what makes a “good life” and that the “perfect” life might “never” be theirs. They are just guessing. They don’t fully understand that they might end up with an average life if they are too “perfect” in their expectations, and vice versa. A life is always a trade-off. And everyone — like everyone — is different. So when they choose, ask yourself why you chose the life you chose, and what you can do to improve it.

I used to wait to marry until my perfect life had been reached — until it was too late to change anything. It wasn’t until my wedding that I finally learned the most important lesson I could take from it. If you are waiting for something to happen before you make your choices, keep waiting. No matter how long you wait, it is always too late. Waiting is really a choice. Just make your decision, then go do something. Life is about moving forward, no matter what.

The best thing I ever did to improve my life was change my mindset. Once I saw the challenges around me up close, I realized the choices I was making were causing them to happen. I became more aware and learned where I was putting my energy and time. I was also more motivated to do everything in my power to make it happen.

For those of you who are stuck in the middle, take the first few steps (step 1) by making yourself aware of your emotions. Start using the four Ds – Do, Declare, Do Not, Do Not. If you find yourself repeating these phrases over and over — take another step and begin to realize the truth. If you feel like you are on pace and doing what you are supposed to be doing — it isn’t true. Do something different. And do it as soon as you notice it.

Be aware of your attitude in life. Do you constantly look backwards instead of forwards? Do you do all you can to avoid the things that cause you pain or make you feel bad? Don’t give yourself a hard time when you are trying to do better. Make a positive choice and then try to be the best you can be in it. 

Be aware of whether you are going through a period of frustration or depression. It’s easier to deal with a little bit of pain than it is to deal with a lot. Do what you can when you are feeling negative. Don’t just give up. You are not alone. There are plenty of people out there who are struggling with the same things you are. Just because you don’t feel “it” right now doesn’t mean it isn’t a very important issue. Find one thing you can fix and change. Do it today. Do it quickly. Don’t waste time worrying about things that seem unimportant. Focus on what you can do now to change for the better.

I also use a very simple technique that I call the “8-Step” approach. It is a way I was helped by a very good friend of mine. He said I must do the first three steps before I even think — I’ve already got the mindset down and I just need to act. So I make the decision today. I focus on each of the steps. If I start “thinking” right now about how to get to step three, then I am only wasting my time. The “8-Step Solution” is actually much easier than most people realize. Just try to make one simple “8-Step” decision each and every day. It takes some time.