How To Live A Life Without Losing Your Religion

I want to teach you how to live without religion. It is the most important thing in your life. To become a person in the world without beliefs is not a “goal” for you to lose, but a lifestyle you will adopt. It is what I recommend, how I support, and all the strategies I used to achieve what I did. It is my path to wellness. It is the only way I know how to be an independent person.

You can not be your deepest self until you understand what you believe. When I say we need to learn to be “authentic” people, that is also another way to say that we need to take care of our lives within our communities. When we live “authentically” as a way to live, it means we must not care about what we “need” to do, we must not care about what other people think. We need not answer to anyone because we must not need what other people (people) provide. “Let go of needing, let go of thinking about it.” We can not “be us” until our deepest self is revealed in practice.

There is nothing we “think” is true. There is nothing that “looks right” to us. We “think” we are better than people who are like us. It’s time.

We have no right to say any of this in today’s world.

To me, the most destructive thing we can do is pretend we know. When we say we know something, we can never forget how we came to that knowledge because to forget is to be broken. There is not a person on Earth so narcissistic as to need to keep it all a secret. It is the reason no one is perfect. No one can ever say ‘I know something other people should be able to know’, because we will always be reminded of its uniqueness. We are never good enough. No one is ever good enough.

I have lived it, I have lived in this world for years and I have seen it go through several different phases so it feels different to me, just like other peoples’ lives. The “modern world” seems like it is in full swing now, but most people don’t realize that “modern” is a label and not a new state of the world. When people begin to say they are in the “modern world”, they are the ones who have just transitioned from an older generation to a new one. When you say you are “modern”, then what do you mean? You can’t transition from the “old generation” to a new one, there is no transition, you must move. It is time to go back to where you came from. You cannot do it the way you did before.

The “modern world” will go to any length to prove you wrong. The “modern world” will attempt to destroy your truth; the world will not allow you to continue living without beliefs. No one will be able to stop them. It is not right. You are not going to make everyone believe in what’s truly true and right when in reality, the majority would not accept that even if they could.

Think of what you can learn from your community when you try to move away into “modernity”. Think of what is wrong with religion. I want to talk about that here because this topic is so important to me. The first step to learning this truth is to not want to change. No one wants to stop living their lives.   It’s time to learn to live like you really lived.

There’s a phrase I learned early on in childhood “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. When we try to move away from religion we are not given that opportunity.   A “bad advertisement” is not the same thing as a “bad religious affiliation”. The religious community will never know of our struggle unless we are willing to share information with them. It is time to live our truth. Our truth!

When you choose to be who you are, you can change the world in a way that will impact the majority of people.   To be authentic was to let my truth take over every day.   My life is that big lie no one wants to hear.