How To Live A Life You Can Be Proud Of

I can’t imagine any other way to spend my 20th anniversary than to be a part of something so awesome and inspirational.

Life is too short to have regrets, and I’m not the one with any of them. I never wanted for opportunity, but every day I try different things to learn and grow so that I can be the person that is going to love the things life throws at me.

That is why I do what I do: to make a difference in the lives of others. I never do this to make money or gain acclaim. If it happens, great. If not, I don’t think I could be satisfied with being a mediocre person. I think I’d rather be the best version of myself that I can, than the mediocre version that I’ve been.

I’m going to try something different this year, and I hope to be able to share a little bit about my story with you, with what’s been going on in my life.

This post isn’t me sharing why I started taking care of people, or my family’s story, or my experiences on the road. The reason I share this is because my biggest goal has been accomplished for a while now. I know that some of you have had a lot of doubt in you, even though you’re still here and continue to fight. I’m a member of the internet, a part of a community of people who have gone through some of the same events that I’ve been through. I’m an honest and open person willing to admit anything about myself, as long as you give it the chance.

I have never been shy about my flaws. I have always been willing to talk about them. This is where my real goal in life has come from. Because of my story, I now have the opportunity to help and change the lives of dozens of people. I have the opportunity to show a glimpse of myself, and to give hope to people on their path and in their lives. This is something you cannot buy, nor can I ask of anyone else.

I don’t want to use my blog and my voice as an excuse to talk down to people or be a bully. I want to show my love and kindness for what I know will turn someone’s life around, and have the opportunity to help someone else.

As part of my 40th birthday party, I planned a surprise for all of you. As the year goes on, more and more people will find the stories on this blog as interesting as anything else I’ve ever written/written. I’ve written many entries about my life, but I wanted to give you the first few stories in a special book called The Art of Living. This is the gift I thought I wanted to give to all of you.

The book is the result of years of personal experiences and the lessons I’ve learned over the years, plus a very personal love letter to you, my reader. In the end, I think anyone in the world would be able to relate to at least one chapter, or to the whole book. Just like I’m glad I had your support on the 20th anniversary, I think I’m equally glad to give you my own experience and how it’s impacted my life.

I won’t share my whole life in this book. There’s plenty of time left until the end of my life in 2013, so I’m not even trying to get too much into it until then. What I will share is the lessons I’ve learned, the things that have changed between now and then, and also the experiences I’ve had.