How To Live Better In A Better Time

When we become aware of the things we can control, we can live better times. That means that we must be in constant awareness of our thoughts, our behaviors, our values and ambitions — everything we might be choosing to get ourselves into. And we must make deliberate decisions. That is how we live better times, I believe.

In order to live a better time, we cannot always rely on the past to determine our future; it is too predictable to rely upon. And, when we become aware of the things we can control, we can live better times. If we act on our thoughts, our thoughts will change. Those thoughts will become actions that make us happier and live better times. This is a process I call “living better times.”

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Here is an excerpt from one of the most important episodes on self-improvement. Listen to it, then do it.

The Importance of Living Life Better Than You Think You Can

I will not bore you with endless details about the first step in this process, how to get started. You will want to put that out of your mind, and you might go back to it later. But I will tell you how you can start living better times right now, in this very moment. There are plenty of steps, and the more you do, the better you will do. And you will become more present to your life and to others, as a result.

That is the first step. You’ll then want to focus on what you want more of. What are you trying to do better in your life? What are you looking forward to, more than anything else? What are the things you want to do better? 

Now, here is the second step, and this is where this process really kicks in. You have to find things that are making things better when you are not paying attention to them. It is not just about getting more things right; you also have to focus on the things that are making you a different person. So, here are the things you can look at.

First and foremost is your emotions. Emotions are the stuff that you do not choose. It is the way you react based on what you see or hear. Now, emotions have three components, which we will discuss in the next part of the guide. The first two components are fear and hope.

Fear : Fear, once created, does not exist in solitude, as an emotion alone. Fear has no power. If someone or something is threatening and you are afraid, in order to create fear, you need to create a belief of that threat. So, for example, let’s say that you see a stranger on the street. Your first response might be “They will kill me!” There is no such thing. So, what you are really afraid of is that they will attack you and take you away. The first step toward developing higher levels of fear is to imagine that you are being attacked.

Hope, when it has been created, exists by itself. Hope doesn’t require any belief. It doesn’t require you to imagine that your threat is serious, or that you need to defend yourself. It is something for you to hope for. When you start to hope for what someone or something is going to do for you, it creates hope for you.

Fear is a lot like the promise of what someone or something is waiting for you, so that it can take you somewhere else, someplace that it is safe.