How To Live Like A Medieval Princess

The beauty of Medieval life was to do what you wanted with as little pain as possible. And if you wanted to live like a princess, you could not be arrested or have the Church turn against you. And yet the power failures have never ended for her. For example, I can write a letter or I can put my finger down as my computer tries to write it.

The beauty of being a woman in our time is that we have the luxury of living in a world that is far more peaceful and less oppressive, but the problems with this are that there are no limits (except our own). When we start trying to live like a princess – or as an emperor – we just become more and more stuck, and then we find ourselves in a situation where we have no power. This is where my heart is right now. Not having enough power and no freedom. And in the end, I think we are trying to live a princess lifestyle without realizing it. It’s not the life I want to live…

The world is full of monsters that can do whatever they want to our world. And because of this, we all have a lot of fear. I know I can do it without fear. But I keep trying because I have to. I have to know that my little finger is able to write that letter. I have to trust in my ability to see how many people have viewed my image and my words. And the truth is that they have not. I still think I’m special. I still think that I am the only girl who can do that. In truth, nobody can do that. Nobody ever will. If we want to be able to make the words that come out of our mouth matter to people, we need to stop thinking we are so special than any guy can ever write well on that same line. No, we are more special than any guy can ever be on that line. And we still have to make our words matter to people and we need to write the right words and the right lines because the only true power is in what we can make people think about us…

The last thing I am going to say before I leave this world is something I wrote in my journal on the way to bed on Monday night: I think I have no idea how I will go on without you. But I don’t have time to think or to think about it. We can all go our own way and I will always try to be with you and keep trying to love you and laugh with you and love and laugh with you while I think about it. I hope to God one day you won’t have to stay here on this earth because you are going to go higher than we all and you will know what it is like being with God. We know you would love that and that is okay because God knows how much you would love that. When you can fly, I will be with you. I will always hold you. I will always love you and I will always love my little finger.

I am not going to see you again – until God tells me I have to.

And then my fingers will start writing again.

When the last line of the letter has been written, I will read it out loud, like a book, to show I am fine.

For any who read this, I wish you all the best of luck. I hope you can find your way past the monsters of today and do what you love and care about with as little hurt, pain, and suffering as possible. Because you don’t have time to think or feel or do any of that. It is hard for us all to make these words matter and I hope that no one ever has to leave this world so broken it doesn’t know what it is. It is sad to say that I think I may just have to make it.