How To Live Well Without A Job: 3 Secrets From Mark Cuban

In today’s video we’ll talk about “The Secret of Living Well Without a Job,” the simple yet groundbreaking truth that can change your life and the lives of those like you around you. It offers a simple pathway to a happy life and a fulfilling career.

From the man who made The Game into one of the biggest video game franchises in history, Mark Cuban is a man of action, someone who keeps moving forward. The founder of a media empire and a multi-billion dollar cable network, Mark Cuban knows a thing or two about a life of success. I sat down with Mark to find out why he has so much to share.

How did you get into video games? How long were you a gamer?

I started playing video games in my early teens. I was the kid who went to school and played video games all day long because there was nothing else for me to do and it was the only fun thing I’d do. I’d spend hours and hours playing games and would even go out of my way to take breaks when I knew my parents weren’t home. My parents got fed up with me gaming and eventually started to get me an Xbox.

I started off gaming on the original Xbox because of my age, but later moved onto the 360 and PS3. I still prefer the 360 at this point.

Did you play video games in high school?

I played it all.  In high school I was the class president, I was an All-State, and I was on a football team. I competed in a lot of sports. I played in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field. That’s the reason I’m a gamer, just to give you a little insight into my life.

Did you enjoy video games at all going into college (and then later college life)?

The only thing college taught me was you’ve got to be prepared mentally. There was a lot of studying going on and not much fun and games.  You know, I didn’t have time to enjoy the games; it was kind of all about studying.

How do you prepare for school with gaming?

My advice? Try to avoid video games! 

Do you prefer the gaming console(s) that you have in your basement, or do you prefer the ones that can double as a gaming laptop and desktop pc?

I love consoles and I love computers, but I’ve been known to change platforms on a whim. When you’re a gamer you’ve got to be able to stay on one thing. I don’t need to switch consoles and all of a sudden be on something different. If I need to go to the game show, I need to play one of the consoles that I have.

Are you a gamer on your own?

When you have a gaming PC, you’ve got to think of what you’re doing and do it. When you do video, it’s a completely different experience, it’s very focused, it’s all about a good gaming experience. When I go to the store or I go to a club, the time I spend there is focused on gaming. If you spend some time thinking about yourself and about other people, you’re better able to have a good time.

Who or what have been the biggest influences about your gaming style?

I’ve tried to keep my influences minimal. I don’t really have any special hobbies. We talk about my influences all the time and we talk a lot about friends and things that we like. But I’ve never really made a special hobby out of it because I’ve always done it every day and I’m just playing. Now, that doesn’t mean though that it can’t be something special – in fact, games can be like a religion. I’ve been on multiple gaming teams and they’ve been a focus.