How To Live Your Best Life

Let love be your guide, and follow your own heart.

For almost 50 years, the book Have a Heart has been the bible to guide us through a healthy, active life. For decades, you’ve heard the mantra, “You can have a heart and still be living your best life. You can have a heart, but don’t forget to live yours!” The first half of this article is a re-enactment of the first half of the first book, entitled You Can Have A Heart. Now that I am closer to 40, I’m thinking about rereading this classic. The author, the late Ray G. Hullett, never made any excuses for being overweight and still writes with a deep understanding of how to live a good body.

He begins by discussing the three “basic” emotions we have, fear, anxiety and pride. He then explains the differences in these basic emotions. Fear is for “anxiety-induced fright”; a feeling of “scared” or “frightened”.   Anxiety is for “the threat-reaction-reaction of the organism”. As you experience more fear, your anxiety increases as much as ever, and more intense than ever before in your life. If a feeling of terror continues to take over the mind and body, then you begin to realize you are running out of time.   It takes a few moments to feel anxiety rise to maximum, and then the panic sets in. And now your heart beats for the “thing” which could put you out of action!   It is only when you feel fear begin to leave your mind and soul, and feel the anxiety begin to diminish, that you can relax, and feel your most comfortable and at peace.   It’s true, and with a little time and effort, you can begin to relax!

Fear is when “everything is bad”.   So what’s the key to feeling calm and confident? Fear is an “all or nothing” emotion.   When we experience fear, all that fear comes from the fear of what’s out of control, so once we are aware of that, then the more we feel the emotions, the more they are based within a well-defined, concrete reason or understanding of what we should be afraid of.

The problem with fear, though, is that it always tries to keep us under control. It keeps us running after the fear itself. If we take that away from us, then the fear will not be as strong or will not have the same control over us. To become fully unshakable, completely fearless, we must be able to allow things to come without any fear at all. Fear will no longer be an obstacle.   Once we are free of fear, we start to feel at peace.   This is when we finally begin to experience ourselves as something other than a thing.

Easier said than done? Fear, is fear. Fear is just a “gonna be something” feeling. Let’s face it, we are what we are, and no one is perfect. We have to realize it, and have the confidence to say, “That’s okay”. Fear is not the opposite of love or happiness.   No, it is the opposite.   Fear is not a thing that will bring you joy. Fear is a scary thing which you need to deal with.   Don’t ever allow your own fears to be a reflection of who you are and what you are capable of. We don’t “have” fear, fear is how we are born!   It is why we all have it. The only way to rid ourselves of it and become truly fearless, is to stop looking down on ourselves and accepting ourselves as we are.   Fear is just a reminder of how precious life is and how precious this life is. And we just made it last week!

We must embrace this reality, because the time to embrace fear is not here yet.