How To Live Your Most Creative Life

When you are in the presence of creativity, the physical pain you experience may be amplified and you may experience deep states of awareness that may be difficult for you to express. The most creative people often say, “Sometimes I feel like crying but I don’t.” These are all ways of saying that there is joy in being in the presence of creativity at any time. Be sure to be in nature and breathe deeply before, during, and after your creativity sessions at home and in your life.

It has been proven that people who are in a deep flow experience an outpouring of energy, a state of inner peace that can be compared to being high on ecstasy. The only thing that can rival this feeling is a deep flow, but it is not something that you can experience by being in a public park during the day or by having a few drinks (or two) in front of the television in front of a few good tunes. You have to find the right place and the right time. It sounds like so simple, but it isn’t. It’s not even something you can do or achieve once and for all, no matter what the Internet tells you. You have to create, and it’s not something that happens at random. A few great writers, photographers and musicians have said what you just said, but in a much quieter way. But it’s still true: Sometimes, you have to be in the right place and the right time to experience this experience. It’s as simple as that.

So how do you get there? Let’s not dwell on the “right place” part. Let’s just go with this simple example, and then we’ll explore a few more.

If you are already meditating, have you tried creating a deeper state of mindfulness before you were about to meditate? Meditation brings calm. Before you meditate, try to bring awareness to your breath and the sensations in your body. Pay attention to your sensations and the sensations in your body. If you’ve been meditating, you may already be in the “right place.”

This is not to say that you can’t meditate in a park with an open mind if you are willing to put yourself in a different situation to create this flow. If you are not comfortable doing this in a quiet and secluded place, go find your favorite park. You can meditate anywhere — inside your apartment, in your car, or in a park bench. Sit on a park bench, make a fire with a few sticks of wood, close your eyes (or look up at the stars) and listen to the birds singing. You can also find meditative areas in restaurants in front of closed doors and windows. This is your opportunity and this is the right place.

So create a flow. Sit in a park, close your eyes and breath deeply. See something beautiful, listen to a song or the birds. If you want to experience this flow all day, you can do that, but be prepared for what may come your way. Be prepared for people to stare at you — that’s totally normal. You may feel like shouting or you may feel like crying. You must be able to do whatever comes next. You never know.

If you are not prepared enough to be in the right place, then how do you even begin to be in the right place? What is the right place to be in? You don’t have to create one “right place to meditate” in advance. Your practice is yours. Your practice is going to be different for every single person because it is yours. It is yours to mold according to your own personal needs. But if you want it to be different, you do have to create a different space for yourself.

So how do you begin to create this space? You do that by creating a space that is different than any space you have been in, even if that is a park that is close to a quiet and secluded place. Let the imagination run wild. What could be different about this space?

Maybe you can start by looking at how different and what a safe space it truly is compared to other parts of your life. Maybe you can imagine that there are no cars there (which is always a good place to meditate) or maybe you can imagine that you are the only person there. Maybe you can imagine that there are no people around here. Maybe you can imagine that there is one space and just one other person in this environment, and you are being watched over by someone.