How To Lose Weight And Still Live Your Best Life

The good news is that it doesn’t require going on a diet or dropping some of the basic components of everyday life: it requires getting in shape. But getting in shape doesn’t look or feel easy or glamorous, or it’s all of the above. It does require a little bit of practice, a little bit of discipline and dedication, and sometimes a little patience and determination. In other words, not much of everything else.

People who are overweight (at least according to the standards of the mainstream media — though it is widely argued that this standard is too low) are more likely to suffer an injury from a fall, a car accident or even serious illness than people of normal weight. But that means that the longer you take to lose the weight…the higher your chance of more serious or unexpected problems.

There are, however, two more important factors that go along with fat: cholesterol and blood sugar levels. If you’ve been told to drink your coffee with milk and cookies rather than cream, you’ll likely be consuming far more sugar than normal. When this happens, you may see less-than-ideal things happen to your cholesterol-test results. For example, if you’re drinking a lot of coffee with cream, it can affect your blood sugar level, decreasing it, which can affect your cholesterol reading. But don’t panic: there are plenty of healthy and nutritious alternatives.

I’m sure many of you are worried about all the fats going into your diet. Don’t be!

Many of the fats you eat are plant-based, such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocado oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil, etc. Some of these are better than others, but many are excellent choices.  You could substitute several of them in the recipes below:  some may even be healthier than others!  And of course, try to get your calories from lean protein, fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables instead of added fats. For more information, read:   How to Make the Perfect Healthy Food List .

I’m going to try to keep this a short answer, but this information is important and the food combinations are extremely important for good results.  Just know that the foods have to provide you with enough fat to make a calorie deficit, not just make you fat! If you have trouble making decisions about what to eat, it may be helpful to try doing these recipes with a couple weeks before you start this particular diet experiment. You can compare the results during those weeks with what you did before.  It may be that you’re eating less because your body is telling you to and more because you’re eating what your body wants to eat. Once again, don’t be afraid to experiment!

My own current recipe for the Day 16 Diet:  Creamy Mango Soup

If you’d prefer the soup recipe written with step-by-step instructions, it is here:  Creamy Mango Soup.

Day 16: Day 16 is to be a diet only. No more food! Don’t worry!

Your body has some way to tell which of you has eaten all of your calories. To do this, your body needs to determine when you’ve finished eating. That’s a hard thing to do because it does not want to have itself “stuck” and not be able to move. This is why people go under the knife or resort to surgery for fat loss.

So the best way is to go under the knife or get your body to do it for you.  You can even watch it to make sure it works.

The biggest and best tip I can suggest for achieving good results with this diet is to make sure you plan your meals in advance. So if you plan your meals, eat them in your usual order, eat each portion, and then finish everything with a little water or a light nap. You will be so excited about your new hunger-resistant body that you can just eat everything right away and get all of your calories.

However, many people don’t like to write down anything. Instead, I would suggest that you use one of my free meal plan templates. They come in 4 sizes (small/medium, large, XL and XXL) and make it very easy to write down what you need to eat. Just make sure you write in your weight and height right at the top of the food sheet. (Don’t worry about including any vegetables.  You can add them if you want.