How To Lose Weight (and Why)

The key to losing weight, is to lose the excess weight and build on it. The trick is that we need to eat when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired. These habits are what keep our weight loss going.

The New Year is already upon us. And while there’s still time to do something special for the new year, I would like to suggest that my readers try one more thing I’ve been trying for the past few years: dieting. For most of the past year, I’ve been in my third week of my 30-day diet plan. This has not been easy and it has forced me to take a step back at times, but I would rather have a better life than a better body.

The New Year is upon us and so is time for a new body-image challenge, the 5-Day Weight Loss Challenge . This challenge is all about creating a new healthy lifestyle. A challenge I know some of you will love and others will hate, but I like to call it a “challenge without fail”.

We will learn how to eat to get and stay thin. We will focus on a good portion size and how to stay satisfied on a low calorie diet. We will learn how to work to lose the extra weight we need. We will also learn how to maintain our new healthy regimen! (Note: as of today we have 6 days to complete this challenge. So don’t forget to share your thoughts on this post and how you are progressing by leaving a comment below!)

We won’t be doing a lot of “heavy weight loss” or “low body-weight” here. What we are going to be doing is getting in shape while eating healthy.

I will be blogging about this challenge twice a week. The first time on Thursday afternoon and the second time on Friday afternoon. So make sure to read one post each week and to check it out! On January 8th (Thursday) I am launching the first post, my 30-Day Diet Guide . I will share my success from the previous 30 days and my progress as I have moved through the week. To make sure I give you the most interesting and helpful information, I will share tips and tricks on how to lose up to 6 pounds in the month using only low calorie foods that will be right for you!

The second post will begin on Friday (January 9th). For those of you following the blog regularly this should be a good day to post here.

When you come here for the first time and see this post, I have a bad feeling. You will probably give up and not work towards your weight loss goal. This won’t happen here. For the next 5 days I will be sharing all the details of how I gained and lost weight with help from my personal trainer and friend, Ryan, and this will be a good place to share how you are doing.

You also don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. To keep things interesting, I will occasionally post the posts that the two of us have written together in the past, such as How To Eat Healthy While Working Out. For those people that are new to the blog and do not have their own guide and experience with working out, I’ll include tips on how to do it well. If we have a lot of time to discuss the topic, I will also write posts on other topics such as the best way to eat healthy while traveling, which would be great for people that are looking for something to do while on vacation without being limited by their budget. If you are new to all of this and need more information, I’ll include it in my posts. You can find out more about meĀ  here .

I want to take the time to thank everyone that has taken the time and been reading over my 10 years of writing here. It means much to me to have so many people reading my writing and I appreciate all of your support.