How To Lose Weight In 10 Easy Steps

How do we lose weight and feel great about it, the key to a good life? Why are people always trying to change our bodies? Can it be done? What is the secret to weight loss ? Here’s how it can be done. (Of course, this is just one approach. What I am offering is more of a comprehensive body image and selfesteem program.

And here is the real secret to getting slim. It isn’t all that complicated, as any body builder knows. I just tell you exactly where to go, and exactly what to do . And if you follow it for seven days straight, you have a great chance to lose weight, stay trim, and feel great about it (not to mention keep those pants and shirts from bunching up). It’s no wonder that I’m the most popular fitness trainer in town, and this is my best-selling product for life. And as it turns out, the first five steps are really simple, and this approach to weight loss works pretty well. Here’s how they work . (I know it may be hard to believe, because it is so hard to believe. And here is another way to lose weight, but without all the exercise and hard work, which means you will have a less intense, happier life. This is an alternative to going on Weight Watchers or Weight Loss Surgery.

Don’t buy the hype, especially if it all sounds too good to be true. We are living in a culture that is extremely concerned with gaining weight, and making sure we look “good” at all times. Everyone is a critic, and every “expert” tells us we are too fat and that we must constantly work out even more–or at least try harder to lose weight–so we’ll look better. So do I think we should be too “compensated” to all that criticism? Why? I believe both that criticism and compensation are important forms of support for people struggling with weight issues. But I also believe that a certain amount of criticism is healthy, and should be a necessary, but not sufficient part of your self-esteem and self-respect. When this attitude of being constantly criticized, “should-have-been-done,” and “must-do-again,” is too widespread, we end up feeling so low about ourselves that we need to constantly work up a “satisfaction high,” as if everything is okay and that nothing matters. That never leads to health or self-worth. Here is where I would add that criticism of people who do not want to change their diets or exercise behaviors, or of people who are unable to change their weight, will not solve their weight problems. I don’t believe “you can love yourself just the way you are no matter what” because that is not true. Our lives and our bodies are not “just” what they are as we have been born, we all have physical conditions and limits, and those limits, whether they be physical or emotional, can be overcome. But the point is, it is not healthy to constantly be criticized by others, and it is just one of many triggers for people to avoid changing their ways. I believe that being able to recognize your body flaws and make an accurate self-assessment of your weight and health problems is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, and it doesn’t even have to involve losing weight and getting healthy. But it does add to your strength of self-confidence and self-acceptance, and it makes you feel better. Don’t be weak. It makes you weak. Don’t believe those who tell you not to change your behavior. It will work in the short term, and it will hurt. I hear it on the radio and in the newspaper and on the internet every time I say something that could be mistaken for a “stereotype” when it comes to self care. But you know this to be true already, because you are reading this. I will not change, but I will do all that is in my power to change myself, my body, and the world, and I will always be open to changing my diet and exercising habits as needed. But it won’t be “easy.” The first step I am offering here will take a lot of motivation, persistence, and love. Once you take the plunge, you may not be able to go back to the way you were any time soon.