How To Lose Weight With Less Heartache And More Happiness

To lose ten pounds, you have to cut your calories by 20%. But how does one lose 10 pounds by simply cutting calories? I’ll tell you the real process, and you’ll see how to turn a tough process into what seems easy. This is how I lost six pounds and gained my health and happiness.

Let’s say you’re in the mood for a brisk walk in a comfortable setting. It’s nice, but you’re hungry, so you pick up a quick bite. Suddenly you realize that you’ll be hungry once you leave. When you return to the table you have an extra piece of bread and you can’t decide how to use it. You can’t even look at the sandwich to know if it’s good, so you leave it there. This makes you even hungrier. So you go back. This is the hunger cycle. You get the bread, but you’re still hungrier. You pick up another bite. And another. And another. You reach for it again, and it seems like it will be your last bite, but you take it anyway. When you get to the table, the meal looks like it’s going to hit your insides, but you don’t feel it. So you settle back and just enjoy the moment.

Let’s take the same scenario, but in reverse. Instead of walking in the same setting, this time your walking to the restaurant is for a quick snack. Instead of eating that food for breakfast, you eat it in the evening for lunch. After eating the lunch, now what?? You decide to order dessert, but the dessert turns out to be a dessert you can’t stop eating! Your appetite has been temporarily satisfied. And now it’s back when you go the next day for dinner! The appetite cycles continue forever, making you hungrier every day. So why not give the body a break?

The only way to make the cycles stop is to not do them. You have to learn to enjoy the present moment – this is the only way to keep the hunger cycles at bay. When you do make the cycles stop, you’ll begin experiencing happiness. When the cycles stop, you’ll experience strength. This way you can have more energy, more time to enjoy life every day. And in return you have lost the worst of the hunger, the cravings that lead to binges and eating.

Now you’re the kind of person I’m trying to convince that the best way to lose weight is to live without the cycles. Let’s talk about how to do this. What we’re going to do is take advantage of the body’s natural cycles and manipulate them, and turn them into healthy habits. So what do we need to do? First we have to understand the human body. You know those cycles? I’ve got a theory: The body craves food, because it senses its life is disappearing. It’s the worst feeling in the world – and it’s natural, the body’s natural order, it’s an instinct. We want to survive, we want to live.

And if we get caught in these cycles – a lack of food means a life that’s short, there’s an absence of love, the world seems dead with nothing happening – it’s natural and necessary to feel these sensations. In other words, we can’t help it. The body craves food because it only needs this and that to survive. This is it. This is our natural order. No one forced you to eat food. The hunger in your body is the result of the natural order.

Now all of this might sound like some crazy theory. Let me present some concrete examples. The first thing I do is remove any food from my house. If you’ve ever read any diet books, any talk of “eating clean,” you know that it doesn’t mean not eating or doing nothing. It means to ignore anything that might contain “bad” food in it. I put in a lock on our refrigerator in case it contains “bad food.” We don’t use the microwave, so we don’t use the refrigerator. The food in my house is not touched. I’ve taken any food, ever, in the house. This doesn’t mean that I’m taking no food. It means to eliminate everything from my house.

Next is to remove all the clothes I wear at any given time. I take an old dress and throw it away. So I can’t wear it.