How To Lose Weight With Less Stress

We don’t want to feel that way. We want to live our lives. We want to enjoy our lives. There are many ways to lose weight and many ways to enjoy eating what you want to eat but I believe it’s important you lose weight, no matter if you are a big eater, a big chocolater, or a smaller chocoholic, as that will never help you lose that body fat.

If you’ve lost weight and are starting to feel less confident that you truly look like and want to be, I am going to ask you to look for yourself. The most common mistake I see from people as they lose weight is not looking and believing they are losing weight when they are not really. I want you to look at yourself now and ask yourself, “Do I look fat now?” If you look like fat, you will look worse and you will have the excuse that you don’t look how you want to look all of the time. And it’s like saying, “I just can’t have that chocolate cake.” Look at where you are now, and if you have already lost weight, thank God you have and if you have not, don’t be disappointed as I would feel disappointed too, knowing that I wasted my effort. Now, look at yourself, no matter what size you are now, and ask yourself, “Is that me? No? Ok, look. How do I look now? It’s my body, not you.” You will most likely discover that you are happy. You need to focus your energy on the things that make you happy. I have learned many valuable lessons in my life after failing at eating everything I wanted to eat. I was depressed during the summer because I knew I would not ever be happy again, and eating was a part of it and in the back of my mind I kept repeating it because eating was important to me.

I have learned to have positive feelings about food, to enjoy the food I like, to be passionate about food, to not look for food that is too big, and to enjoy the food I eat. I have learned to control what I put into my body and to love what I eat by controlling my portions. I have learned to eat the right things. But what do I eat? I eat fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and lean meats. I drink more coconut water because when I was obese I couldn’t afford ice tea and I don’t want to feel the urge to be the kind of person that feels guilty about drinking water, even though it is good for the body and healthy for them to drink. I feel great about this life that I have, but I want to experience the things I am missing. I want to have the things that made me happy during my obese years and have enjoyed it during my weight loss years because I know I am going to miss both the foods I enjoyed during my fat years and the experiences I had with eating. I don’t have to worry about my weight anymore because I am not fat yet, I don’t have the weight to gain, and I don’t have the self-hatred that comes from being a fat body. With that being said, I have discovered how to eat, enjoy, sleep, enjoy life, and not feel guilty when I look at my body all over again.

I love what I do. I enjoy doing what I do and I love how I look. I can still eat what I want, I can get all of those things I want to eat and enjoy the food that I want to eat, and I can still be healthy. I know I am going to make it a lifelong journey to look like me. I don’t know what the future holds because I love to enjoy the things I am happy doing, but I know that in five years my life will be perfect and I will be living a life I love. I am doing everything I can. I love the lifestyle that I am in, with the company I have, with my job, with my house, with my dogs, and my friends. I don’t mind losing weight anymore and I love it in a way that I can’t understand and it’s a feeling not too different than when I found my confidence and started dating a man that helped me get to this point.

I’m not always successful and I know that I have to live with the failure along my journey.