How To Lose Weight With No Shame

When people think they can’t lose weight, they’ll usually follow a low-carb approach to achieve the “goal weight”. When there isn’t such a clear-cut, proven strategy to losing weight anyway, many fat gainers turn to fast-food diets and/or extreme exercise in order to achieve a weight loss goal.

The human body is like the muscles we all have. So when we get in an unbalanced, unhealthy state, it can cause us to put on excess fat, muscle and bone. This is a temporary situation that can always be reversed by correcting our unhealthy habits. To lose weight you don’t need to change your diet, exercise or even your life to gain weight. In fact, the opposite can be true.

If we’re going against the traditional fat loss route and cutting out carbs completely, we’re going to need to increase our caloric intake to make up for the calories we’re only burning on our way to our higher calories goals. What could we eat?

Carbs will help us achieve our goals, but we will have to do more than just reduce our carb intake. 

The next step is learning how to make good food choices. The reason why our body craves carbohydrates is because they’re easy to digest and are necessary for our system to function optimally. This does not mean that these foods will always be delicious, however.    There are many foods we should never eat such as grains, sugar, wheat, beans, meat, seafood and dairy products.  They can cause digestive problems, irritate the intestines and trigger blood sugar cravings.

Instead, focus on what foods you enjoy and what the body craves so you’ll find healthy, filling meals that will keep you going for a long time.    It is important to realize that every time you eat something, you release a hormone into your body. These hormones are important because they indicate to your brain that something good or bad has happened.  This is the basis of food cravings.

In other words, when you feel a craving for something, you release hormones to your brain to tell you what to do.

When you feel a strong craving for a sweet treat, then you go to the fridge and grab the snack you enjoy most as soon as you grab the first piece.  I recommend finding out what foods are aversive for you and then avoiding those foods. When you find out they’re a food you need to avoid but don’t want to go without, this is exactly when you’re most likely to go somewhere else and grab an appetizing snack.    When you’re looking for a good recipe to use in your next meal and the name of an ingredient brings on a powerful emotional response, you will immediately find a good substitution for it.

As you are learning the basics, you can start experimenting with new foods from time to time and learn when eating out can really make a difference.

For example, a healthy plant-based diet can include some fruit and vegetables. These are both very light on the dietary calories so we can focus on eating lots of them instead of too many junk foods.    There are also a variety of protein sources: chickpeas, lentils, lentils again and soy beans are great additions.  

In addition, we can always try a new recipe or incorporate some of the delicious fruits and vegetables people love.  

It’s also important to realize we can go to the store and find great substitutes for some “bad” foods.  For example, almond butter is an excellent substitute for the butter in certain desserts and many other foods.    Try almond butter instead of butter on cookies instead of butter in your favorite cream cheese ice cream recipe.