How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

I learned that I should be focusing all my energy on getting in touch with my “true self” and not trying to lose anything of value to myself or society. This was a real turnon. If I could be successful in doing this, I would be happy. And I would lose some weight.

For most people who want to live healthy and active lives, maintaining a healthy weight is critical in staying fit and healthy, and maintaining fitness is just that. But this isn’t the only or even the best method for losing weight. By focusing on improving our “true self,” I can help you do that too.

So first I want to talk about what is, for some people, a really difficult thing, to lose weight. I think this is a major area where I think people feel the pressure to be successful without actually putting in the work. When I started this journey, I was pretty sure I was going to “lose weight” and be healthy in a healthy and active kind of way, but I didn’t know how I’d do that. I was a little unsure as to whether losing weight is something that really is necessary for health and wellness or if it’s an optional endeavor, something that can be done easily without having to worry about any of the other factors it’s usually measured by. So by the end of the 6 months that I was in the process, I kind of had my answer to that question.

A quick recap . . .  It was summer of 2010. My husband and I were traveling through Europe (this trip was my second trip abroad, my first had been a 3 year old trip to the USA where we were on a cruise) and we were staying in a small town with less than a mile of road walking to the beach.  We had no car and a few pounds to lose.  At the time I was training for a Spartan Race in 3 weeks, which required me to run for 8 miles with no breaks.  I’d never been a runner before and although my husband and I were pretty good friends I’d never actually run with him. 

I took a very hard look at myself and realized that the first thing that had to change for me to lose weight and be healthy was to actually do more of what I would have to do physically to lose weight: I had to find a healthy way to exercise. There are so many different ways to exercise, we don’t have to do anything extreme, we can do something simple and low impact that takes very little time. I was very frustrated that I was the only person I knew in the area doing more than running.  So when I did an online search for local running groups, I saw that there was one in a town I’d heard of, but didn’t really know much about (I didn’t take the time to look further when the opportunity presented itself).  I found it.  The group we joined was called The Running Club and it was a pretty low impact group of people who were focused on running and health. 

The first day of the run was pretty grueling with a very long stretch of running where we would be running for 15 minutes, then sprinting up a hill and back, and then back down again.  The next day was a better day, but it still wasn’t exactly my idea of fun.  It was also a long run, not 15 minutes.  The following days were much better.  I’ve always run for an hour and up, so I didn’t mind that we were running longer than that and I got to be my usual confident running self.  We didn’t have to sprint so much, we didn’t have to sprint up hills.