How To Make A Big Impact On Your Health

Your physical health is an investment — one that should pay off through decreased costs, shortened lives and improved quality of life. Let’s focus on these three things that you can control to make a big difference on your health — as a consumer.

My wife and I run a blog called ‘I Eat Well’ about our eating habits; we have a few readers with different interests, and we use their feedback to make big changes in our diets. Over the last two years, we have dramatically reduced alcohol in our diet. It’s helped us feel fuller for longer. We’ve reduced our intake of processed flours and sugars and refined pastas, like pasta, which are filled with salt and preservatives.

I have cut out fast food, but I’ve also cut out unhealthy sweets – which means I have plenty to go around and am not running out any time soon.

Finally, a new blog I’ve just started, ‘Tastes Like A Dinosaur’: It focuses on healthy recipes that make you feel good. As a result, I’ve managed to drop 20 pounds. It feels amazing to feel good – whether you’re at the gym, going to the movies, or just relaxing at home. This blog gives me that rush with each post and makes me feel much happier – which makes a huge difference when it comes to my health. I can spend months on this one blog without eating too much to make it count, so this is a win-win.

You can start by doing what I did:

Eat healthier (or lean and mean!) at home – like cooking. I like cooking, it’s a great way to get the nutrients we need. The recipes here are simple but still tasty: I make all my meals myself for dinner and I eat fresh veggies every day. You can also make healthy meals in your own kitchen. For example, you can make this super quick rice pilaf with kale and tomatoes. Make small changes to your diet that increase your intake (even just a banana with each meal), and you’ll be surprised what happens. Eating healthier brings down your overall calories (because it reduces what you eat), and you’ll feel better every day.

When you go to a gym, the food will be good. You may not be able to get down 5 desserts or have 8 sodas, but you can eat better and be less tired from working out. You’ll have less trouble making healthy choices and will not be weighed down by junk foods and empty calories.

Take a good look at your budget and make sure there is time to exercise. If you’re not going to take a walk every day, get up and walk some. When is it going to hurt anyway? When you eat poorly, you can be out of control. Exercise has a huge impact and can keep you going for much longer than a coffee or a donut. Don’t let your health deteriorate – take control over your health with a healthy diet and exercise. Take my 3 minutes to do this.

If you want to do some healthy cooking in your own kitchen, you can cook a salad, but you’ll still need it to be healthy. You can make these delicious vegan and gluten free versions at home. I’ve shared the original and an updated version with the ingredients on the bottom.

So, what can you do, to make a big difference?

– Make a budget of at least $4,000 a year. This works if your costs are low, you pay for things on time, you have access to health care, you have the time (and a sense of discipline) to stick to the plan and, most of all, you’re willing to accept the fact that you might lose a little weight.

– Be in control of how and what you eat. Make healthy choices and don’t let a health food shop ruin your diet.