How To Make A Bong Out Of An Aluminum Cane

It’s a bong, and a pipe, and a whole lot more.

A bong is an old term for the plant used for smoking marijuana. You can buy it in almost any convenience store and learn the basics in no time. The easiest way to make a bong is to go to a craft shop, and buy a pipe. Then you just cut a hole in your pipe to hold your bong and your ground herb. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

But what if you want to make a bong that actually looks good? That’s where all this fancy stuff comes in.

The first thing you need to do is decide what shape your bong is going to be! What would it be, would it be circular, square, or something else. You want to make sure you have something you like, otherwise, your pot will not be as pretty. Also, if you aren’t good with cutting, then you will need a good tool to cut your bong shapes into. If you want to make some bamboo pipes, make yourself some bamboo shapes and cut them out and use them. If you want something a bit more classy, try some fancy cut bamboo pipes.

Now that you have those shapes, it is time to start making some pieces. Since some of you have come to the site from another bong site (like my own), you might be looking for a tutorial on how to make a bong. Now, I’m going to provide a very short tutorial on how to make a bong in two parts. First I will show you how to make an outer pot from the bowl, then I will show you how to make your bong in the center of the pot. When I get to the center of the bong, we will combine the pieces.

So far, I have shown you how to make a bowl with an outside diameter of four-fifths-dollars and an inner diameter of three-quarters dollars. Don’t think that you can just go down to your local dollar store to get the pieces. There will be a dollar store near you. That makes most sense, right?

So take all the money, but don’t buy the pieces you need when you get home. Instead, go to your local dollar store and get something else that you think would look good on your bong. When you come back home, make a second pot the same size as the first one. Then go to your local dollar store and buy the pieces you have been saving as you go.

Okay, if you have made a bowl (if any of you haven’t, you are probably not very good at bong-making) but need a different shape to fit your new bowl to your bong, then cut the outside diameter of your second bowl to the size of the outside diameter of the first bowl. Then you need to glue the pieces you saved from the first bowl and the first pot together. Let the pieces cure for a couple days before proceeding. I’m a bit lazy, and I used glue-on epoxy, but you can just go with regular epoxy if desired.

You can see in the left-over pictures that I made the first piece a little large. What I like about this is that in the center, I can make another piece that is much smaller than the bowl. I cut the piece of outer pot and then cut away the excess to get the piece I needed. The glue is a little thin, and it is a good thing you saved all of the money on that first piece because otherwise what we would get is a big, ugly-ass bong.