How To Make A Cheap And Clean Car Door

You can save money and keep your car’s interior fresh! Use a cheap and clean cardboard door to protect your car door from dirt and grime, and keep your car door clean from spills of condensation.

When it comes to car door cleaning, your door is your main entry into your home. In order to protect your vehicle and the home it lives in from the inside, you don’t want sticky and grime-filled car doors. There are a lot of cheap, and easy to use options out there for door sealing. But the most simple and economical method, and the most effective one at keeping condensation & oil stains out of your vehicle, is to use a cheap and simple homemade door sealing solution.

With a basic understanding of how the various components work and working together, you may begin to see how easy it is to seal a car door from the inside using a combination of duct tape, newspaper or a cheap and simple cardboard sheet.

You can find the steps out for this DIY on Instructables .

So how do you choose a cheap cardboard door sealing solution? Here are my picks to help you find the best cheap cardboard door seal solution for your car door.

Duct Tape – This is my first choice in the Cheap Car Door Sealing Options above. I’ve had a few people tell me “I’ve heard so many great things about this product, but I’ve never tried it because it doesn’t fit my cars door so well.” Ducting is not a difficult material to work with. The only material you need to drill a hole, is a bit. Most car door holes will take a 1/4 inch drill bit, so you may have to drill a bit that will fit your hole. I just go with what fits your door and your drill. Duct tape can be found at any hardware store for $1 to $5. The amount of tape will depend on how much space you may need over the top of your old cardboard sheet. If you can’t find a lot of extra tape, you can always use a paper towel to cover the cardboard sheet. A small amount of duct tape can be used for more than one door. A gallon of that can go around the entire door. I’ve found that my duct tape runs out a bit too far, so I usually cut it to fit the car door. It doesn’t really matter how long you leave your door duct taped, but as a precaution I leave mine 2-3 inches longer than necessary.

The best cheap car door sealing solution for me was a cheap cardboard cutout. Here’s how you make one. Take a piece of cardboard, like a piece of paper, or even a large box. Cut a 4″ circle on the cardboard, then cut out a square or rectangle for the top of your cardboard cutout. Cut a hole in the middle of the sides of the cardboard box, and attach the duct tape to the side where the hole is. Cut two more holes that you’ll want to have access to later.

If you’re not sure how to use duct tape for sealing doors, have a look at the tutorial from  DIYs by Dara Forgione for easy DIY car door sealing solution . There you will find step by step instructions to get your car door sealed. If you’ve ever used the cardboard cutout method, the instructions are essentially the same, with the exception of the second hole. 

The second problem I encountered with the cardboard cutout was that it would not seal. I had it taped to the sides of my garage door, and the paper towel kept sticking to the cut out. I couldn’t get the door from the top of the car, so that means it isn’t working. I then tried the plastic sheet and found that that worked just fine.

I also tried the cheap cardboard sealant from Amazon, which was the only thing that did work.