How To Make A Difference With Your Heart

The heart that is the best in all its ways, as measured by longevity of those in your life to your heart’s health and happiness. The only place that matters more than the heart is the heart.

A heart that is the best in all its ways, a healthy heart, a loving heart…. A mind that is free, calm yet creative, a compassionate heart, a wise heart…. A body that does not suffer the pain of illness, the ache of old age, the despair of death, the grief of loss of loved ones….

Into the heart do all our hopes and desires, all our aspirations, everything we’ve ever done in this life…. And from the heart do all our fears and doubts, all our fears and doubts… A healthy heart does not have doubts, it has a clear mind, a loving heart… The wise heart has no fear of death, but a love that never gives up… The compassionate heart is able to cope with the loss of loved ones, but the loving heart can’t stand the sight of sorrow. Only the heart that is the best in all aspects of life is the best in all aspects of time.

Your own heart and everyone else’s heart is your responsibility. Your own love, your own joy, your own self-knowledge is the heart you must take care of. To be loving to yourself, your own heart would need to be free of all of the mental afflictions that prevent you from being free of all that which is a burden on you, which can be both a kindness too and a burden and a source of pain. To be loving to others would therefore require that you live your own life with respect for the feelings of others. The way to do that is to be free of anger as an emotion in your own mind, if you can’t learn how to accept yourself, your own happiness and respect for other people will never be achieved.

Only then is it possible to see the heart’s purpose, the love of others as a divine blessing. Only then can you reach a state where your life is a good example of “life given to us for us in a time of need, and for which we shall be thankful forever” (Eccles. xix:6), a state in which it is a great burden on your heart that you must be kind to yourself when you know it is a burden on you to be kind to others. Only then can you feel yourself free of the fears that will prevent you from taking care of those who need you most. Only then can you be mindful of the joy in your heart at the thought of what you can do for others. Only then can you be compassionate with everyone and be able to love in all your hearts with all your strength.

To heal yourself of the pain of anger, all you must do from this point forward is choose to accept yourself as you are, to be grateful for who you are. The way to do that is to focus on taking care of yourself with care as a person. The other part of the equation is being grateful for those who love you and for the blessings that exist in this world. By doing that you are being gracious and loving and true to yourself. By doing that you will never become angry against anybody. Anger is part of a person’s mental illness, even when a person is actually free from mental illness. To reach a state where anger is only a passing emotion is to take responsibility for your own mental illness and the suffering that is caused from it. You must be able to live your life in the way you want, rather than always expecting a certain result and instead taking what is given to you on trust.

The goal is to be a person of gratitude and a person who has accepted herself as she is, someone who will never stop loving herself, never give up in her pursuit for love and truth, in order to reach the goal of being the person that all other people can become.