How To Make A Home-Made Tarp With A Sharp Pen

This method is a great way to keep your outdoor living space dry in rainy weather.

Most tarp kits come in different sizes, but most tarp kits are made from cardboard. But the good news is, you can quickly make your own. All you need is a sharp-looking pencil, and you’ll be making a tarp for your outdoor living space that will keep your inside dry in rainy weather.

Step 1: Take a sharp sharp-looking sharp-looking pencil, and cut out several large squares.

Here you can see what I mean.

Step 2: Using the sharp-looking sharp-looking pencil, mark four small rectangles and four larger squares.

You want to have four corners cut of the square that you are going to be marking in order to make a triangle that you will glue to the center of the cardboard base.

Step 3: Once you have four of the small squares cut, put the larger squares onto the cardboard. This is your triangle that you will be gluing to the cardboard base so that you can make another tarp.

Here you can see what I mean.

And another view of the four corners cut off of the square. 

Step 4: Once you have four more large squares cut then add a quarter of your squares so that the triangle now looks like:

Step 5: Cut out 2 of your small squares (1×1 or 1×2 would work great too). You want to have the other large squares cut off to make the larger triangle that you will glue to the cardboard base.

Step 6: Now you will be cutting out 2 small squares all the way down (the same is done for the other large triangle that you are going to use to make a tarp). You need to cut out about 2 square inches each.

Step 7: Now that you have the half-square cutout you need to add to the cardboard make a square that will give you the area that you’ll use as your tarp.

Step 8: After you’ve cut out the smaller squares, place a rectangle inside the larger square so that it is the same area as your tarp, and cut off all the corners.

Step 9: Once you have the smaller squares cut out cut another quarter of square out of the larger square for your tarp.

Step 10: Once you have your tarp made it looks like this. The last quarter inch needs to be cut off so that it looks like a small square. If you are using fabric that has rounded corners like this fabric then just fold the corner piece up and cut the bottom off. 

Step 11: Once you have the tarp cut out place your tarp inside your PVC pipe and you’re now finished.