How To Make A Laundromat Work Again

As we all know, laundry can be a nightmare sometimes… and some even consider it a chore. But this is actually a really simple method to make you feel like you’re washing clothes in a cozy garage instead of a dirty dryer.

In this episode, we walk you through a simple, affordable project you can do to make your laundry work more like you’d like it to. The tools we use are inexpensive, and the instructions are simple. The results? You’ll be able to do laundry more frequently — and in an atmosphere you’ll love more.

In this episode we talk about:

How To Make A Laundromat Work Again

Washing machines are just more modern versions of old dryers. They’re a little more complicated to maintain, but not by much.

If you go for a newer machine, be sure that it is the right size!    You might want to get a “penny” dryer; they aren’t as powerful as a “pound” or a “kilo”, so they don’t dry a lot of clothes (or use a ton of energy).

The first thing to realize is that even a large dryer doesn’t automatically make your clothes more dryable. If your clothes aren’t thoroughly dry at the end of your cycle, then they’re not in good enough shape to be laundered and washed.

A lot of it has to do with how fast the clothes are pressed. High-end machines can spin and dry a load of clothes in 6-10 hours compared to around 10-12 hours by a regular dryer, so that’s a huge reason to invest in a quality dryer. Once you get the hang of this little trick–even if your clothes are cold from your other laundry–it’ll allow you to squeeze things in shorter periods of time.

In any case, just make sure to try your clothes immediately and check them all over. If there’s any significant discoloration, then your clothes aren’t dry anymore and need to be washed. And it might be a good opportunity to buy new stuff while it’s still fresh and in a good condition!

I’m always amazed when I start out washing at the right temperature. I remember doing that as a kid in a big ol’ washing machine that was literally sitting in the corner of the basement. I’d be washing laundry or a load of other items, but I didn’t know any better. It took me a full weekend just to figure it out! I’d put my clothes on there, start the machine, and it wouldn’t turn on. I’d go into the basement and go into the freezer and try to figure out why the hell I couldn’t have a good wash. I’d go into the fridge and think about what else had been in there. Finally, after an hour or two, I realized I just forgot the dryer was there. Now, to be fair, it was probably my mom or my grandparent or something. A small appliance shouldn’t be the biggest time suck, so let me tell you, for me, it was the worst thing ever.

If the dryer isn’t turned on, then just leave it on. If you’re trying to run dry clothes, don’t forget a load of other laundry as well. Then get the dryer going!

It’s important that you turn a dryer on before you start a load, and even better, turn it off when you’re done! If that doesn’t work, go look under the dryer and set it on fire!

If the machine has no setting for high, medium, or low temperature (which can be handy), try turning it on while standing in front of it.