How To Make A Perfect French Press

A french press is a marvelous and useful device.

You have to be a pretty good brewer in order to make a perfect french press at home. The key is to brew your coffee for the proper amount of time, add the necessary ingredients and let the machine sit for 24-48 hours before using it to make your own specialty coffee. It is really very powerful and the grounds can be extracted at any time during the process. There are other uses for this device, such as to make ice cream or even make a homemade yogurt.

The french press has a base of coarse or finely ground coffee (grains that can be found in a coffee shop or local grocery) and a mesh filter to trap the grounds. It is very effective with both single grounds and single seeds. A french press is not perfect, there are some variables that you have to keep in mind and you may actually have different brewing techniques (some will use a french press for a short period after their coffee is done brewing). If you are not familiar with the ins and outs of a french press, make sure you read this post that I did on brewing french presses which you may find helpful: How To Brew A French Press

How To Make A French Press: How To Brew A French Press: Basic Brewing Tips and Equipment

You will need a coffee filter as mentioned in the guide to start, and you are going to need to fill the coffee filter with the coffee you are brewing, and place it in the hot water. The coffee filter needs to be pre-coated to avoid lumps and for extraction, but to also protect the grounds/coffee from oxidation (rust). To make this method work, this coffee filter requires 2 parts coarse grounds and 1 part fine grounds. To make fine grounds you will want to use 100% whole beans. To make coarse grounds you can take a few bags of beans and grind them up as little as possible but if you use a lot of beans this can get tiring and also be hard on your brewing equipment.

A common mistake many new people make with making french presses is not using enough water to soak the grounds. If you use less water than recommended you will have fewer grounds (and therefore less coffee for extraction) and also you can end up with a bad taste. To make sure you don’t get stuck in this situation, use the french press timer on your brewing device. The French Press timer has a setting that is set with water at 200 ml/6 oz. This is the amount of water recommended by espresso experts to be used to brew a french press. Remember to adjust the size of the filter by either adding more coffee grounds or by using a larger mesh filter (the filter will look thinner when you use a smaller filter than recommended). To brew coffee, you must add water until all the water from the filter is gone.

The following is a chart that shows how much water to use and the amount of time to brew the coffee for.

Brewing Coffee For 16oz Coffee filter: Use the following water: 190:20:30 minutes Coffee Ground 1/2: 8g per filter Coffee: 10-15 cups Fine grounds 8g per filter Fine grounds 2: 1-2 cups Fine grounds 4: 2-3 Cups Fine grinds 1.5 grams per filter Fine grinds 1.75 grams per filter Fine grinds 2: 2-3 Cups Fine grinds 4: 4-5 Cups

What I recommend: Use 220:190:200:100:20:30 minutes and let the water steep for 10 minutes (I will be posting a guide on how to brew an espresso in a french press in a future post).