How To Make A Resilient Environment Work For You

In a tough job market, making changes and changing attitudes can have a really positive impact on all employees — managers especially. The biggest challenge to this is staying motivated and finding a better balance between work/life and personal goals. To learn more, click here .

A more difficult challenge arises when employees realize it’s their duty to the company. As one of the very few exceptions to the company-first standard, this can pose a significant challenge to an individual’s personal happiness and well-being. So what does someone who is not a manager do to mitigate such a negative result? A lot. That’s the message in this article.

A lot of people have asked “Does a manager have to be a top performer?” The answer is no.

As with all things in life, “the right” number of hours in the day, a good work-life balance and balance on personal goals and aspirations all contribute to employee motivation and happiness. In this article, we will look into the topic of how to make a better manager job and make a better manager career, without having to be top performer or even an excellent manager.

We also hope that in the end, this will be a more productive, interesting and rewarding way for you to write about your life . If not, good luck in whatever that next step may be.

“Managers create value — not employees.”

— Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs

One of the things that really excites me about “The Managers Guide to Managing Yourself” is that it is a very personal piece of work, that is not necessarily a generic blueprint. It is also personal because it is the work of people you know personally and are likely to be friends with — you. I hope you enjoy the process of writing and reading this. And if all goes according to plan, I hope you make a list or two.

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Here is a short list of things you will find in the book. For a complete list and explanations for each, click here.

About 5 hours worth of written work is included for each book (as of October 2017) and the entire book is available for download in PDF format (for free!)

A list of topics that will be discussed by several authors

A section devoted to “Life Lessons,” including examples from many of our favorite authors and personalities

An outline of topics covered in the book (not a full rundown)

A few examples from real management book covers and illustrations to provide ideas about the look of the book

An article written by me on the benefits of being a good employee

A FAQ section that includes frequently asked questions about your personal and work lives (including answers to the above four questions)

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I will be publishing a second part to the book with additional articles and answers to questions. I am also hoping to host a website to host our free book in exchange for the occasional share of the royalties.