How To Make A Smart And Healthy Choices In Liking Healthy Food

It’s easy to think about the types of food we eat and the types of foods we don’t like. But there’s more to it than that. It’s easy to be swayed by the hype of what’s been served up on the table of a fast food restaurant. That’s because it works just as well to make healthy choices at home.

The types of food we eat are not the only things that influence our eating habits — our choices of healthy food are also made from the inside out. We like to think we’re selfless, caring and thoughtful. But we may actually have been taught to eat just the way we’re told, but that’s simply not the case.

Some of you may have heard of The Selfless Cook by Karen King. In a nutshell, King argues that we’re not our eating habits. We’re our choices. If we’re told to eat certain foods to “get” certain results, we may unconsciously “cook” up food that’s simply more satisfying to us. We’re taught what we should and shouldn’t like to eat, and when we eat those foods, we’re often not conscious of our reasons for doing so.

The idea is that you’re what you do, not what you eat. The selfless cook suggests that our choices should not be seen as a way to control the situation in the future. Instead, they should be seen as a way for us to get closer to who we truly are. If we can embrace selflessness, we may eventually be able to make better choices.

So, what is a conscious eating choice for us to make? A conscious choice is one that doesn’t come from guilt or some internal desire to do “better”. The conscious choice doesn’t have any predetermined end point. It’s not a result that was already created in our minds. The conscious eating choice, rather, is the idea we may be able to make our choices and behaviors as conscious as possible, but that we may feel that our “best” choices aren’t necessarily our best choices. We may have made conscious choices in the past, but maybe we haven’t made conscious choices today. In that case, how can we take the conscious choice seriously and feel truly responsible about making conscious eating choices?

How To Make A Conscious Eating Choice In The Next 30 Seconds

“Eat what you like, don’t worry about it!”

That’s a great message to take to heart when we see ourselves as being selfish and doing this (or that) for an ulterior motive. It’s not necessarily the message people will hear in your head. What will really make you feel responsible for making conscious eating decisions is if you think ahead. 

A conscious choice is a choice that doesn’t come completely out of a desire to please others. If you’re feeling guilty about eating unhealthy foods, then it may be helpful if you think about why you’re feeling guilty and why this eating habit may be harming you. If you make a conscious decision to avoid unhealthy foods and make that effort, you can end up feeling better afterwards. The thing is, though: The only ones you may feel this is better in your mind is those who aren’t around you and don’t care about you.   And that’s exactly why you need to take the conscious eating choice seriously and make the effort in the first place.

A Conscious Choice In An Emergency

Another way to think about making a conscious choice is when you simply may not have time to make that choice, and in that situation, the conscious eating decision is to not eat the unhealthy food. You may actually be forced into making this conscious choice. There was an incident a few months ago after one of my kids had a cold, and when one of us was about to eat a bowl of cereal, my daughter immediately said: “Dad, I’m fine” (I just smiled to her).