How To Make Friends Quickly In The New Year

It may seem like you’re a long way from your old friend and associate, but when the holiday season begins in earnest this year, it may be the best time to reconnect with old favorites.

The New Year brings us all of the fun of holiday gatherings, but it also brings new friends to have in our lives. The challenge is to create a new and lasting bond through the magic of friendship. This is the time of year when we often become friends with friends, family, and other people we have come to know at a party and we hope they’ll become part of our new relationship. It’s also the time to find a new group of friends for those of us who are single and who want to find new ways to get to know people.

The holiday season gives your circle of friends more opportunity to become acquainted. This means more opportunity to connect, to share new experiences with friends you might not have met in a social setting. It creates a new dynamic in your friendship circle. What’s the first thing you want to do after coming to grips with this? For me, at least, the first thing I do is try to find a new group of friends. I don’t even feel the need to ask first! Here’s how to quickly get that new group of friends together…

1. Make New Friends Through The Internet

Whether you have a Facebook account or Twitter username, the internet can bring new friendships to your life. There’s no better way to connect with a new group of friends than to join them online. While you’re out shopping, going to eat, or shopping on the internet, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked for your facebook friends’ contact information. If you don’t have that information, start looking through Facebook’s friend finder to see which friends the group you’re in may be interested in to join.

2. Make New Friends Using The Social Network Of Your Choice

You can search people on Facebook or Twitter for friends or friends’ profiles or you can download apps like ” Find Friends ” or ” Friends ” that will let you search by someone’s name. You may be surprised at what you find. If you think about it, you can do pretty much whatever you want online — you can join or create the relationships people will remember you by and give them contact information by email and phone or you can simply give them a few “Likes” on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Or you can decide to help keep people in touch through text, email, instant messaging, or even by just chatting through email.

3. Look For Friends On Something Independent

There are many different activities that you can choose to do in order to meet with someone you know and talk about a variety of experiences. This could include hobbies where you share experiences, like music or video games, or a book club where you talk about a book and perhaps read it together. You can also go to the movies to meet with someone you’ve never met before and make sure they’re entertained. If you’re looking for people to enjoy a game of Cards Against Humanity or maybe you go to a new restaurant to meet someone who’s just been there before, any one of these activity choices can lead into a new friendship.

4. Make New Friends Online With a New Online Presence

If your social circle is small, making new friends on your social media accounts can bring a new group together. There are also online tools available that allow you to create a profile, upload pictures, and add information about yourself that can be used to find someone nearby. The key for me was that all of the information I put on there became mine and I’d always be able to retrieve it if I ever needed. There are ways to make a profile that can be a fun and entertaining way to get around and find new friends. One of my favorites is simply creating a page of your own name and giving them it.