How To Make More Money By Creating An Online Store And Selling Goods Or Services In Your Own Space

Here’s an easy way to make money online without investing a cent and still benefit from a product that I love and you will too.

This past Friday I was asked the question, “How do you make money on Fiverr?”  I replied without hesitation that I create online videos, and since the Internet is basically a free marketing tool, I make a lot of money for doing exactly what I do.

Weird things I’ve said about myself before.

It’s important to have a purpose and be intentional about what you do, rather than just doing what you’re told or what other people think you should do. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. For example, I’ve been writing these articles because I’m interested in making things better for people as a whole rather than on an individual basis.

If you are in the process of learning to make money online, you need to get out in front of things and have an identity that you are the expert on. This is very easy, if you make your work your own.

I know that my audience is a little bit of a diverse group, so I’m going to write my personal version of how I’ve done this.

I started making my YouTube content a few years ago. In those early days I was doing it for me and not for others.

When I began to make money from my work, I was more aware that my work was a product to be sold, and when you sell other people’s product, you get paid.

I made my first video a few years back. It was a video of me in front of a camera to ask people to support my video, which worked out really well.

I’m not a very popular person, and I had to work harder to promote myself and get the audience behind my content.

Since then I’ve been working consistently on making my video content more interesting and engaging.

It wasn’t until about a year ago when I figured out what my audience liked. I found out that not everyone enjoys watching someone doing something boring .

So I began to make videos that were more interesting and more engaging.

I’ve been making these videos every six to twelve months until I’ve hit my stride, and then I spend my time to promote other videos I’ve made.

I also pay close attention to the other videos that are being made about the topic of my work or how I could improve it.

If I like something I post it on Fiverr .

I also do what I call the “pay the bills” strategy.  I pay my bills, my car payment, my phone bill, and a few other small bills here and there.

These are what are called “micro-donations”.  You aren’t giving them out to your audience, but you are telling the world that they exist.

One of my customers actually left a comment on one of my videos for me.  His wife was in need of a new phone.  I asked my client for his credit card and he sent it to her.  She was able to pay off her phone bill on her own.

I’ve made a lot of money with these “micro-donations”.

So even if you aren’t that big of a star and don’t get that many views, you can make a living working online.  Keep your eyes out for videos on the Fiverr, YouTube, and Instagram sites that will benefit your income.  And be willing to make the video for you.

The point is, just because other places are making money doesn’t make it easy for you.  You have to know what you are doing. 

As far as the other methods of making money online, do what you’re passionate about, and be a good person for your audience.  If you are passionate in something, give it your all and make sure it’s something that your audience will appreciate.  For example, I would never write an article for Fiverr without any passion behind the words.

I make all of my videos with the sole purpose of helping people.  I’ll give one-on-one advice if I have time as well.

It’s very easy, for me, but I’ve learned through experience that you have to make money on Fiverr online from time to time.  I don’t need it to do my job (I make money on Fiverr as a full-time employee and freelance video creator).

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