How To Make Peace With Your Body

One of the greatest things you can do when you suffer from an illness is to make peace with your body. This process is hard and may go on for many, many years. In time, it may feel as though your body has become unrecognizable: a disconcerting mixture of body parts and parts of your personality that just don’t seem to fit. Accept the changes and move on.

Peace with your body means not judging yourself too harshly and not trying to keep everything constant and pristine. It means allowing space for the body to have its normal, natural cycles, which will include periods of weakness, of pain, and of discomfort. Accept that your body will always react to everything — to the things you love and to the places you love to travel. It’s no surprise that you’ve lost the ability to go to Disneyland, that you can’t drive an automobile, or wear makeup. The body is a wonderful, marvelous organ that is capable of many, many great things. You can’t expect that it will remain frozen in time in the face of illness and trauma, so accept and embrace the body’s natural cycles and emotions.

In addition to peace with your body, it’s really important to learn how to care for yourself the way you care for your loved ones. If you haven’t had the experience of loving yourself enough to really make peace with yourself , you may need to develop the ability.

Here are my 5 tips for cultivating peace with your body.

1. Do self-love:   Meditate on what kind of love you have for yourself. Do you feel loved? Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself for the right things or for the wrong things? Do you love yourself because you always act to avoid suffering or do you love yourself because you always avoid suffering?   Think about how much you love yourself, what part of you you love you for, and what part of you you don’t love you for. Then recognize these parts in yourself that you don’t love for who and what they are. As you recognize and acknowledge your imperfections, do something about them.

2. Accept and enjoy your imperfections : Accept and enjoy those parts of yourself that remind you of what’s broken or what isn’t quite right in your body. Learn to forgive yourself for the hurt, discomfort, or discomfort these imperfections bring into your life.   Practice making healthy, positive decisions about your body or to be in relationship with your body (including eating, working out, sleeping, sleeping, eating).  Practice accepting and enjoying what is beautiful and healthy about whatever pain, discomfort, or imperfection you have to be in.  Don’t beat yourself up for the way you are. You’re still fine as you are.  Just accept, love and appreciate your body.

3.  Embrace your body as it is:   Recognize what beauty, goodness, and truthfulness exists within your body. Learn to appreciate your body and your abilities in what you are capable of. Recognize what you cannot control within your body, but are able to control in your actions and decision-making abilities regarding what you can control. Accept yourself as you are. And never forget: You’re never too much to love to be treated with compassion and respect.

4. Create healing boundaries:   Accept and honor the fact that your body has all of its own healing boundaries as well. Create a safe space to explore your mind, your emotions, your creativity, your sense of yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. Learn to recognize and work with those feelings. Be aware of what your body is going through and understand that it is a natural process that involves feelings, feelings, feelings when you make space.  Practice recognizing that no matter where I’m at, I’m just fine.  Learn to be present when you’re at your most vulnerable with yourself. Learn to love yourself all the way to the ends of your body.  You’re never too much to love to be treated with compassion and respect.

5.  Trust your own intuition: Trust in your own healing ability. Accept what you feel is a sign that you are not on the straight and narrow, but trust in that you are on the healing, healing, healing path to your highest and best self.