How To Make Sure Everyone Thinks I’m Awesome

Most people try to live in front of others, never letting them in on their unique selves. To me, this shows that they don’t have any idea what I mean to them, or if they have some notion of what life is. This is why I’m a loner.

The most important lesson learned so far is we have to make ourselves comfortable and never say ‘no’ to a person. I try to make my inner world ‘fun’ to people and they find out I’m a very good conversationalist. If you give people a good time, they eventually will return the favor.

I use Facebook for every social event and I have thousands of friends. 

As I get older, I have to rely a lot on my memory. I don’t know what my real identity is, nor what people call me at work on the first few days. Every time my mind tries to guess what I am and I’m just a person with an actual job, then I’m a loser. 

I have my first year of graduate school booked, after a little over two years, and my last year booked by March of the next year. The first year I’ve taken a lot of flak after I did too much partying to the point of getting on the couch. When I realized that I couldn’t be there for that much partying, I didn’t have a problem with taking a break.

I’m glad they didn’t find out about that, but that is a risk I can’t take, as I won’t change who I am to fit the job I’m being hired for. I will be honest about that though, and just work harder to prove to everyone that I belong in the program. When my school year is finished, I will not waste any time with partying. 

As I have said earlier, people are mostly nice to me, because they have no idea what I go through. I have no need to justify myself to you, because the fact that you didn’t realize how much I needed you and gave up on me in order to ‘find my soulmate’ shows how blind you are in reality. 

In this way, I always try to go out with the person who gets me where I want to go, in the order in which I want to get there. I’m usually very friendly with the first guy I meet. I want that to change when my last meeting is booked, so I can make sure that I meet the best person who will be a part of my life. 

I try not to spend a lot of my free time with people who make fun of me for not having a boyfriend. If you are that type of person, just don’t bother me. 

I am happy, not for the accolades and status I currently have, but because of my first experience playing a ‘big part’ of a movie. My work, which is important to me, shows up every year on the Oscars’ Best Picture list. I am honored to have become an actor, and that I was able to help bring a movie to its people, that means a lot to me.

I have yet to meet the president of my country or to hold the highest position in the world, but I have gotten to meet an actor in a movie and I am excited about what comes next. 

I never forget that I am an actor playing a character in a movie. I always have to make sure my fans understand this, as I have seen it said so many times that my work is not real. 

I’m really excited about what I’ve got ahead of me, because there is more and better to come, and so far I have nothing but good things to say about the movie.