How To Make The Best Of A Slow Season

The weather may be cool this time of year; but don’t get fooled.

When things don’t go your way this winter or even early spring; you don’t have to feel like a disappointment in the face of such a harsh climate. For the first time this season, we’re all going to get to enjoy the warmth that our home is missing — at least until spring rolls around. That doesn’t mean you should be letting your home sit at 100 degrees all season. Instead, be sure to do things to make your home a little more livable. The main thing is to put away the winter blues and make yourself a little more comfortable all around.

Start Off By Having Someone Or Something Warm Up The Place

If you’ve put the winter season to rest, now is the time to let your home become the warm-weather haven it was always meant to be. As a bonus, in a little extra time you’ll even make things a little more efficient since you won’t have to drag out the furnace or heater every single time you want to heat the room.

A couple quick things to consider when picking out the right way to warm up your home this winter. First, it has to feel completely natural for the environment that you live in. Not just warm, but comfortable if you have a mattress right on the floor in front of you. You could even sleep in your car if that’s a good place for you to live. Then you’ve got to make sure any heating you do is enough. If your heating needs a little more then you’re probably going to need to go to an electric heater, not a gas unit. Once you’ve chosen a place of comfort, you want to make sure that the temperature stays comfortable all night — as long as there isn’t a heavy downpour or cold winds at your home. It’s a great feeling when it’s 70 degrees outside and you’ve just turned up the thermostat to 80. You know someone will be sleeping well next to you — and if they do, then you’ll want to make sure that any extra warmth they receive (e.g., that extra blanket) gets to them by the next morning so that they don’t feel like they left the nest too early. 

Have Fun Warm Up your home with fun activities.

This one is important because it ties in so well with something else that we’ll talk about a lot in this post: being a member of the family. The last thing you want as you’re working to warm up your home is to have to drag out a heater or go to a new place because you didn’t want to spend time doing it alone. We don’t all have the option of having anyone but our own family over to spend time with for the winter; but for the times when someone needs to be away on business, or just to spend time with, having that person bring a friend to your house is a good way to do it. It would be hard for anyone to feel like they were missing out on the warmth of your home if you were spending time with someone over the winter. 

Another reason to have fun at your home to warm it up is that you get some physical activity and make other time spent at home enjoyable — which makes for a healthy relationship. It can be very tempting to go out and spend time on a Friday after the office hours have ended; but when it’s cold outside, you just don’t really want to spend any time doing stuff that makes you tired, doesn’t let you get out and meet new people, etc. Having time to yourself is often a wonderful way to get away from the drudgery of the day and make sure you still have some energy for the weekend.