How To Make The Most Of One Weekend Of Vacation

One of my favorite vacations is the one I took last spring. I’ve been traveling non-stop since, and I’ve done it as solo vacationers (for about 10 of those trips in total) or couples. For the summer I’m just going to go to a different city every week, and be there all weekend with just us, and no real goal. Instead, our weekly trips have to be an opportunity to reconnect and reconnect — that’s as close as I feel I can get.  I’ll take a week-long trip, then have 10 days of travel, followed by the rest of the year of rest.

On my most recent trip I traveled cross-country to Boston and Philadelphia. Because I didn’t have my passport, travel from one continent to the next was just a matter of walking through the airport and finding my way. Because I did not have my passport, I had to carry only one piece of paper — my boarding pass– with me, which was not something I was used to. When I told my mom that on that trip she had been the one who said, ‘Oh, I’ve got a week, it will just be like a weekend for you,’ she laughed and said, ‘Yes, I know, honey, but it will be a whole weekend for me.’  And it turned out to be exactly that.  I met some of the most amazing people that I’ve ever known on that trip.  I’m so glad I made that trip. I hope you did, too.

My Summer Vacation As Solo Traveler

The way it works: I get to select a week for solo travel from a list from my mom.  I’ll have to go to that week of vacation alone .  This is a long list, of course it’s going to happen a lot, but it’s the point of the exercise: to avoid people feeling obligated to go to your vacation with one or two of your group. 

I picked week of vacation #1 because it was the first week of summer vacation. I’ve already been to week of vacation #4, and I already have an appointment to go back. So I’m in the best place to see a bunch of my cousins, and to meet some of my new people. I’m going on a weekend and staying for three days, which is right in line with the first week. And because I did not take my passport for my first trip, I’ll be traveling mostly alone, rather than all the way across the country (like on week #3). I did feel a bit like going out a bit more this time around.  But I’ve learned to enjoy things like hanging out with everyone, or going to dinner alone.  I love staying in my room and not being in a large crowd.  It lets you recharge.  On the other hand, it’s a little bit lonely after you have gone through a month, which tends to suck for any vacation.  When I was on week #3 I was not as lonely as I was last time, but I did feel a little bit off.  The more solo I’ve been traveling, the more comfortable I have gotten.  When I go out with someone I find it easier to relax, even without the social life or the company of a big group.  You just feel at peace, because you haven’t shared so much as a breath. And I love the way I’m feeling in week #2 – I’m in pretty great spirits, and I’m enjoying my vacation immensely. Last week I was really unhappy about going out with my cousin for a whole two hours (just having them up all night together is so not cool, I just don’t get it), but I’m feeling really good now about it.

I have lots of friends I went to school with who live in the same timezone as me (California).  Now I don’t have any.  So I’m kind of missing them.  In fact I might have my first post on summer vacation coming up soon (this week is a big weekend in my neck of the woods, and it’s about to hit the road for me).  Let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you! UPDATE:  I have some updates from some of my friends.  I am feeling much happier again about this week’s vacation (which, I admit, was not what I was planning).  I am definitely going to be doing more solo travel from now on.  And I will continue to find out who I want to go out with from there.