How To Make The Most Of Your Time In The Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to explore a variety of attractions; however, there are also certain things that can make life a bit tougher in the heat.

I love spring, and I wish there weren’t some bad things that can befall us in its wake. While springtime may begin with warm sunshine, humidity, and all of the other things that we love, Summer also brings with it a variety of negative things. These things include the appearance of pests and pests (which is why I think spring can’t possibly come quickly enough for anyone who spends too long indoors), the return of the dreaded summer humidity (when you find yourself in the living room sipping a mug of tea instead of out having fun outdoors), and, of course, it is back to school and the start of the school year. Summer is a time of growth for children (and adults), but it can also be a time of transition, change, and stress. For that reason, it is important to know at least some of the basics of being “cool” at the end of summer. In the last few years, it has become difficult to make a positive impression on new acquaintances when you are wearing flip-flops, sandals with white stripes, a denim vest or blazer (and the rest of your outfit), or a shirt that is “too hot.”

How To Bring Your Attitude Into The Summer Season

The first thing you need to do is make sure that what is bothering you in the Spring is gone in the Summer! If you aren’t sure what is bothering you (or if you think that something looks cool), a quick internet search will provide you with some information:

How To Know When You Are Actually Hot : Check out this post , and look for the word “danger.”  

  If you find that you are in severe danger, go to the nearest emergency room. The point of having an emergency room (emergency room is pronounced EH-marry-ur , but in our society, they are still called the ER in the states) is if you or others need immediate medical care. You don’t want someone who just got into a car accident to be in the ER for the time it takes for an ambulance to get there; you want someone in that car (or maybe on the side of the road, where the accident occurred) who needs immediate medical attention for a variety  of things, including a cardiac  issue.

If you know this and you are still getting annoyed at the heat, you can try some simple things to make these concerns go away and actually enjoy life in the summer season.

If you are constantly checking the temperature, you can make several changes in your clothing, in your shoes, and in your room.

When you want to walk a few blocks to the next coffee shop, you might take off your flip-flops; it will actually give you a better idea of your distance from the heat, since you’ll have a better idea of how far you will walk.

When you are in the middle of a day, when your body is still adjusting, you can put on a shirt and a pair of jeans before heading to your desk; it will cool you down and give you a sense of being “safer.” Or, you can even wear a jacket, but only if you aren’t wearing shoes.

When you are feeling that summer is wearing you down, you might even turn down the thermostat in the heat. If you can’t take the heat anymore, you might need some extra help.

You can change your diet; it won’t magically keep you from being hot, but it won’t make you feel hot; and you might find that you don’t need to go out as much when you are feeling a little chilly.

How to Bring Your Attitude Into The Summer Season

You can bring your attitude in all of its positive forms, no matter how you want to see the summer season. The key is to realize that it can be great to try new things, to relax, and to just enjoy the summer season.

So, bring on the summer!


Melissa Lapp

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