How To Make Time And Be Present At Work

The best way to be a productive employee is to be a present, present human being. Don’t work through the day, and be present when your work is over. Don’t work overtime, and make sure that you give work your full attention.

To illustrate how to be present at work, I am going to show you an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a former employee. I’ll then tell you why I am so concerned about keeping a good work-life balance. The letter, which was sent the day after the election of Donald Trump, is a reflection of what has been happening for a number of people who voted for or strongly supported Trump, particularly with regard to their working hours. I’m going to illustrate how this affects my own life and career by using an illustration that took a lot of work on my part to create.

Don’t spend your time being a productive worker, spend your time doing good work. When you’re a worker, your boss has full-time people with regular work hours to deal with.  In fact, they had an easier time getting people to vote for him  than with Hillary Clinton .  This means that in all things that a boss cares about – their company culture, their profits, their bottom line, etc. – the boss can count on you being there when the boss needs you, and not being there if the boss doesn’t.  So don’t spend your time as a worker making the boss’s life easier.  When you have a good work-life balance, your boss doesn’t need you there and you can do whatever the boss says, and you have more time for yourself to do just what you want.  To be a worker, spend every minute you have working.  Work hard and you can keep your job.