How To Make Your Brain Work Like Your Heart

One of the most important habits a person can learn is the ability to just be. When you can just go with the flow, you’re going to end up with better results all around.

There are many ways to train your brain in order to be in total control of your mood. But few things will improve your mood the way you practice letting your emotions go. With no effort, you’ll learn how to get an edge on anxiety so you can take control of your day and be successful. Just remember to relax and take it easy the whole time.

It’s not too late to learn the new power that is your heart.

Do you have a way you can practice letting your mind go as if you’re in your heart? Leave a comment and let me know.

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What’s in your wallet?

“I’ve worked hard for this. You’re not paying, so I’m not giving.” – The Grateful Dead

My goal is to be a professional photographer who works on a steady budget, which leads me to the issue with the budget. To work hard on the business side of things, you have to sacrifice the time of going to the gym, studying the market, and working my ass off. I would argue that it’s better to let your body take over, if needed, if you don’t have the time in that day to spend 30 minutes working out. That may sound weird, but it actually makes a big difference as far as how my body feels.

If you have the chance, make it a point to have a “work” day on the days you’re not working out. I’m not a morning trainee, I just enjoy getting out of the house every day, so I try to maximize my time for doing things I’d rather be doing.

The best way to improve your work habit is by creating a schedule. If you’ve got the time set aside to study, write down your goals, and put them on the calendar. That way all month long, you know exactly when you’re going to sit down, take a seat, and put pen to paper. The next step is to plan your work day, and if possible, have your work day in the evening. That way you’re going to get more sleep, so you’re going to be able to finish your work quicker and you’ll have lots of extra time on your schedule to be your lazy self, while you still have energy for the work you are doing.

One day at a time.

I do a lot of meditation. My meditation routine is three times a day, if I can manage it. I focus on my breathing, focusing on the sensations of my breath. It helps me focus and allows me to clear my mind and make my thoughts more creative.

I think most people would agree that when you are in the right mind-set, sitting for long periods in a closed mind, you are going to be happier and you’ll feel it in your body. If anyone knows how to set up a schedule for that, let me know. I’m sure it would be a challenge for many people, but I’m sure a lot of other people are able to set up their schedule when they can, especially if you set your goals and create a consistent routine that fits in with your life and your life around you.

Here’s to finding your right mindset.

You have everything you need to be a successful entrepreneur. So what are you doing wrong?

“I’m starting over, and this time, I’ll do it myself.