How To Make Your Own Glue

If you’re familiar with our blog of the same name, you will be aware of our obsession with making our own glue.

If you’re familiar with our blog of the same name, you will be aware of how much we feel like we are missing out by using store bought stuff to make sure our home isn’t covered in the same sticky mess as the store fronts. But this time, we’ve found a great use for it that has us excited.

Making our own glue is easy, inexpensive and pretty. But, as with anything in home, if you’re not careful, you can over do it!

Here’s how…

I first saw this on The Grouch’s Kitchen , whose blog, The Grouch’s Kitchen is a great resource for anything glue related.

The idea was suggested by the guest of honour, Simon Pegg to create ‘glue balls’ with the  glue (which I believe to be a mixture of egg white and water). However, to make it at home, we used the same ingredients that we have previously used, minus the water.

I had a feeling that the mixture would look better with the egg white, so I took a look at the instructions.

For this recipe, you do not need the egg white, but do need the water. Just look closely at the pictures for you can probably find the solution in a nearby supermarket. I used a small tub of water instead.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what I did, but I’m not going to share it either, because it’s a secret recipe and best left for the glueing artists that are out there. This recipe was sent to us by a reader, and was found that way on YouTube as well, but I’m too lazy to share it with you guys!

I started out with an ‘orange’ colour as used by the other glue balls we had. I have to say I liked the idea (it is so much faster and easier than using the colours in bottles) but it was difficult to get a colour that matched all the things that were being used:

But I kept trying and eventually got it right, so here I am creating a ‘silver’ glue…

I also tried this with other colours, but the results varied quite a lot. After that, I was determined not to use it on my white walls, as I did it once and it was very dark. However, here I go again to create a gold glue.

There is no doubt that the glue that I created turned out the best and also has a really nice shine to it.

So, the next time you see a glue bottle at your market, try making your own instead. It’s quick, inexpensive and looks good on your walls.