How To Master Your Personal Emotions

How do I develop inner peace and harmony? What should I do with this energy that is always inside me? How can I release this energetic flow that has the tendency to get me into a cycle of anxiety, resentment and stress? The answers can be found by focusing on your present needs and goals so that you can keep your energy flowing.

I was wondering if you’d be willing to take a few moments to share your thoughts about dealing with and overcoming the personal emotions that arise due to our inner turmoil. I’ve felt that way about a number of times over the last 5 years because of all the circumstances that have happened to me. Sometimes I’ve been able to channel the feelings into anger and sometimes not, and in both situations, the anger was unproductive. I want to improve the quality of my life and I don’t want to become more irritated in my life just because of our personal life issues.

In the first two scenarios, I would not have done anything differently. I am very grateful for your insights and am eager to get started in my personal development. I would be especially interested in the advice that will allow me to become more comfortable with all the emotions I feel each day. Do you have any questions about this particular area of personal development?

If I am in a very negative emotional state and the only thing keeping me from going crazy with rage is my inner critic, I will sometimes become angry with myself in that same state for failing to live up to my obligations. I think I will be doing that a lot in the future as I’m always on the lookout for any way to screw up an assignment or anything I might have promised ourselves or our friends and loved ones…or just whatever will get me into another kind of emotional roller coaster. I’ve had people tell me that I’m a very hard worker and that’s why I’m able to accomplish so much, but, honestly, when I’m under emotional duress and trying to create something great, how much energy do I actually have to devote to the task?

In the third scenario, I would have tried to use the emotional energy to develop positive relationships. I’ve had a number of bad dates, as you can imagine, with the women I’ve been attracted to and one failed relationship that took my focus away from the tasks at hand. What would have changed about that situation if I had started developing and maintaining positive relationships? Maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in an argument with my mother, but I might have been able to use it as motivation to improve my relationship with her.

In the fourth scenario, something about the current situation is making me feel down and I would have tried to channel that feeling into gratitude. There can’t be any “me” as much as there can be “we,” and if I feel that I can’t get things done it gives me a reason to go out and do something so I can feel better about myself. We all get down sometimes. I really believe in gratitude and the fact that we are able to take our losses and build ourselves back up.

I am not sure what to do for the fifth scenario but we can always do things differently and try harder. I am definitely going to start learning about this stuff.

Thanks for your time and thoughts. I am eager to get started and you can expect an article or two more on this subject.