How To Overcome The Dark Side Of Your Personality

No matter what your path, one of the most important lessons you can take from the ancient religions of the world is to see things with your own eyes. You can then better understand how to overcome whatever you might be facing, whatever it is inside you.

Sometimes I’m a night owl, always working later than I should. On other days, I’m the kind of person who’s almost always early or early in. At the gym I’ll try to get a full work out. I’m never happy with my diet. My life is not fun or easy.

The next time you think about that, remember: That’s all just the inside of your head that you’re seeing through. You cannot change that. Nor can you change others around you. What you can change is your perspective. 

And you can do that in a dozen ways:

-Be curious:  What do you do now that you could be doing now?

-Learn more than you teach. Make mistakes. Learn from others.

-Get past old relationships: Don’t judge people you’re close with and make a habit of letting them walk away. 

-Think big. It doesn’t make you a better person, it just makes you a good person.

-Focus on the big picture. Your life isn’t just a bunch of random events happening to you. You make decisions, have interactions, and have relationships with people who change, grow, die, and all that stuff. Don’t focus on everything that’s happening right now.

-Learn from what you do not do. Get over your bad habits of procrastinating, being indecisive, being ungrateful, and all the rest.

-Don’t feel bad. Not all of it was your fault, so think about it like this: If you’re doing all these things, you’re probably better off than you would be if you didn’t, at least in the long run.

-If someone else is having a really bad day, stop for a time and offer advice or just listen. That’s how I’m doing it when I’m feeling down.

-Make good choices. When you pick things to do, choose things that aren’t as easy to do like working out, listening to music, cooking, or whatever else.

-Stay positive about things. I think a lot can happen in just a heartbeat.

-Get help . When I feel hopeless I reach out to people for advice. There’s just so much to learn, so many people out there who can help, and so much of me that needs changing.

-Make a list. If you’re still working on some of the things you’re angry or negative about, take a minute and list out the things you can change that are really holding you back.

-Don’t think that you can’t do it yourself, I know that’s a cliche, but it’s not true. 

-Take responsibility. If someone really hurts you, take responsibility for helping them get better. Just don’t forget that it’s the person who is at fault, not you .

-Give other people a chance. As much as you might want to, you can’t do it all, so give other people a chance.

-Never feel sorry for yourself. You’re not alone, and no one is really here to hold your fate in your hands. You are responsible for how well you survive the next few days.