How To Overcome Your Fear Of Dying

Fear of dying can limit our potential as human beings.

To overcome fear of dying, you must take a few steps that I haven’t mentioned, a few steps that I believe can make all the difference.

This is a new series of articles that is meant to expand on many of the ideas that have appeared over time on this blog and to present my insights into how to overcome the fear of death. This particular article is called “Overcome Your Fear of Dying!” My blog is always a place for me to come together to reflect on and discuss the things that have become important to me… whether that be the lessons and insights I’ve learned from meditation or how I’ve used the power of positive psychology to overcome fears and improve my life. This particular article will be my second in the series on overcoming fear of dying. To read the first article entitled ” Overcome Your Fear Of Dying ” please click here.

You don’t have to be afraid of dying to want to live as a human being. As I said in the first article I wrote, there is a certain kind of person that does want to die!  It’s just that the human race has created a whole bunch of barriers and a whole bunch of reasons that make it difficult for most people to overcome their fear of dying.

My main interest in this series is in giving you the tools and techniques to overcome your fear of dying…. and to help you move forward with positive momentum. If the idea of dying scares you to death, you’ll do well to take these steps on your own.

Your health is everything.  As the saying goes, it’s what you don’t know that could kill you.  As important as medical care is for most Americans, it’s probably just the beginning of it all.  Your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, family… everything that makes up your life is interconnected.  Each of your choices that you make, each of your habits you have, each of your reactions and responses  and emotional reactions  can have a profound effect  on what happens to you and others across the planet. If I could get rid of one thing from my past, it would be my fear of death. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I really feel that the fear of dying has affected my life in a significant way.  I’ve been there before… and I wish I could go back and make better choices… more of them.  I wish that I had the courage to face death on my own terms and I would gladly take the most important lesson from this article forward. You are an important person.  You have a lot to offer the world in positive and healthy ways.  You have the ability to influence people on this planet with your presence and knowledge.  You can do more good than you think,  you are capable of greater things than you think, and you’re more alive than you think.  Don’t waste your life.

Please check back soon. I will continue to blog about overcoming fear of dying using the insights from this article… and I will also give you new ways to overcome your fear of death.