How To Put On A Great Hairdo With A Sculpture-Making Kit!

A great-looking hairstyle is all about the style.

One of my most valuable, yet most overlooked gifts as a woman is my knowledge of hair. I love hair. Yes, there’s a time and place for ponytails, afros, bobs, hair extensions, and more, but I’ve always had trouble finding the right combination of styles to suit my own taste. I’ll never forget the day two years ago when I stumbled across an article about the best hair-style kits that I could ever imagine. The article suggested incorporating the best of both worlds, an actual sewing machine, with the styling tools and techniques that we know and love from our favorite magazines. It’s true, even if your hair isn’t, you can create a style with those resources.

A lot of people think that sewing machines are for the past , but they are here to stay. 

How do you create a cool hairstyle with nothing but a sewing machine? Well, to do this it’s important to know the tools that are out there, and how to best use them.

The Most Important Tools In Your Haircut Kit

I personally use only three of the tools that I think are essential to any creative hairstyle. They are the scissors, the comb, and the barrette (see pictures above).

The scissors are probably the most important and versatile of the tools you should have in your hair cutters kit. They allow you to cut strands of hair and make sure that they are cleanly trimmed back to back. This is especially helpful when you are using the barrette because hair becomes hard to weave or style as it gets mixed up in the hairpiece.

There are dozens of scissors. Pick the one that has the least amount of handle to grab it with. You’ll save time and effort by using the handles that are the fewest.

And now for some good news… I have one of the first models of scissors to arrive on the market. I’ll share pictures of them in my blog soon.

My hairbrush has two handles, one for my hands and the other for my hair. I use this to brush back and forth through my hair or to get rid of any comb-like debris in my hair. You can use it to apply some of your favorite makeup to your hair when you’re not using the barrette, or to just brush back your hair to cleanse it and make it look healthy. Since this particular model has an adjustable handle, you can use it just about anywhere on your head.

The Comb is the tool most people use when cutting or pulling hair. You can use your hairbrush to pull it while running your fingers through it to make sure you’re really using just one end. But I think the best way is to hold your hair up in one hand and pull a section through your fingers.

But, before I go on, here’s one piece of information I found:

If you are using your hairbrush in a different way, don’t pull it all the way out of your hair. You should be pulling the tips of each individual strand. It will not come out in the cleanest way. Keep your hairbrush in there longer, and if it’s still starting to get coarser, just keep pulling the hairs back. With time and discipline, you may begin to notice hair that is starting to come out with the handle. Be patient with it. It will get better!

(see photo)

The barrette comes in handy in a pinch. It will allow you to style hair that’s not always easy for you to pull through a hair brush. You can use barrettes for styling your hair and to style the ends of hair that is too thin for a brush. This makes it easier to get an even look and create a style that works for you.