How To Quit The Fight And Keep Fighting

There are thousands of ways to get out of a bad habit, but the most basic way is to take the first step to change your thought processes so you stop looking at life through a negative lens. This simple, but incredibly difficult habit shift will create an instant improvement in your life.

The thing I love the most about my job is you must put your own personal values and desires first. You must put your own ideas and desires above and beyond the needs of the company. So sometimes I have to remind myself to tell myself that I have my own desires and values first and foremost, and not the needs of the company.

If you are not sure about changing the way you view life, I highly suggest that you use that moment of stress when the stress levels are high and your life is in a terrible mess to change your values, not the people around you. Remember that you are a person too whose needs are different than others… this is why it is so important to put your own values on your own priority list. The key is to keep your eyes open, don’t let your head turn to the side, and keep moving forward and never stop.

Step 5 is this is the hardest part, but the biggest key to changing your life, and it is where the entire learning process begins.

Stop Living in the Past

Life is not like that old TV show, where you pick up an episode and then immediately jump back on the couch and watch the last ten seconds of the movie. It is not like that, the past happens and does exist, but the present is completely separate. So while you may think that you’ve done all you can to make the past better, you haven’t, and you are continuing to put your own personal needs ahead of those of the company. This will continue until you take a huge step to change the way you view life and it will be a painful one.

In this part you are going to focus on one area of your life (I have chosen smoking cigarettes for this example but these are just general examples of how all areas should be tackled). This is going to affect all areas of your life, so you have to make a new decision each time. First you are going to set the baseline for what you think you should be doing right now, and then you are going to set a new goal for yourself. Each time you start to pick those up, drop those things and replace them with something new, your thinking process will become much more realistic, and you will see the results within a short period of time. You probably won’t see a big change every day, maybe once a week. But once a week in the right area will make all the difference. This is why the above three steps that start out as small and basic will quickly get easier once that initial process is complete in the third and final part of the process. 

I have been a lifelong smoker of cigarettes for almost all of my adult life. For over forty five years I have done what I was told was right for me. I smoked and I paid the “price” for it. In the last several years I have decided enough is enough and decided to quit completely. The first thing I did was to decide I wasn’t going to go back, and I started my own online business that sells all of my old cigarettes to the public and takes care of much more than just a company that sells cigarettes. At this point one day, while I was driving back to the office I told myself I would never smoke again. The next day when I looked in the mirror for the first time, I said to myself that “you need to cut that habit out of your life immediately. I will not be a part of something that is unhealthy like smoking.