How To Remake A Bikini Board With Dryer Lint

The process makes the bikini so much more comfortable as you can now simply flip the board around to dry.

You can change your life by being more active instead of sitting and doing nothing. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of your bikini board, which comes with an elastic waist and elastic belt. Using these elements, you can dry your board in the usual way as well as turn it into a bikini that is much slimmer.

What You’ll Need:

1 large bowl or dish

1 large bowl or dish, washable (we recommend using a plastic washable bowl for this, because we’re saving you a lot of plastic).

3 tbsp of dryer lint in a cotton ball

2 x 30cm strips of newspaper

How To: Dryer Lint: Use your dryer on maximum and low heat. I recommend going one round for 25 seconds. I’ve also used this with my dryer on the highest heat setting. I can be fairly precise with this, so be careful. This should take at least 2 minutes on the highest heat setting and it will look and smell like lint after about 10 minutes.

Dryer Lint: Wash! This is optional. I just recommend washing it off, which you should. It’s not a big deal or anything, but it will look and smell really funny later. Do not wash your hands first, as lint is sticky or a lot of people get sore fingers after doing this.

Bikini Board: It is not necessary to dry it with a wet board, but I’ve done it for people who don’t do this regularly because we need to save on plastic or paper. There have been some people who have commented on how much they like the smell of damp wet boards, so if you think that this might suit you, go ahead. The board itself comes with an Elastic Waist and Belt and is washable, so you can wash it any way that will make it feel smooth and comfortable.

Now the hardest part! You have to make it look like I did in the photo. I used some super sticky paper clips to make the elastic waist, but you could also use old shower curtain wire or newspaper to make this look more natural. Remember to take the elastic belt out after drying, and it will not come back in, so just pull out the plastic. After I took these photos, my son took some lint and stuck it at the bottom of the board and it looked a lot more natural.

I highly recommend doing this with your husband or wife while you dry it so that you don’t feel embarrassed or embarrassed to show him and will get the best results!

The final product should be like this:

As you can see, it’s a lot cheaper and has more of a ‘bikini’ feel to it than the standard dryer lint, so you can use this on your kitchen items as well.

If you’re worried that it will smudge the fabrics as you are drying this, then don’t worry, just wash it again in normal washing detergents and it should be fine.