How To Remodel An Interior With 3-D Scans

Use 3-D computer images as a guide for figuring out how to fit together the hardwood floors and tile walls.

This is a great way to get the right amount of support for your new kitchen, or for creating the feel and look of an expansive home office space. It’s also handy when putting together a kitchen you’ll want to use in multiple rooms. For example, if you want a kitchen island for your dining room, you’ve got no problem using this method.

But it’s also a wonderful way to get a better idea of how large your entire kitchen will be, as far as the size of the counter tops, storage, and sink. And you get to keep the same kitchen on both sides of your home, so you can rotate your old kitchen into whatever space that kitchen in yours may want to fill.

Use 3-D Computer Art, But Be Careful!

If you have a 3-D scanner at home, you can use that to create and scan objects that you might not think you’ll want to use in an architectural project, such as furniture, kitchen counter tops, drawers, and appliances. As you’re scanning objects, you can make use of your phone or tablet to point at something you like with a stylus, and then you’ll start to use your tablet or phone to scan it. In some cases, the objects you’ll want to scan can be attached to your device automatically, so that you’ll be scanning and painting and sculpting and printing and manipulating your items with just your hand.

As you’ve already seen, this kind of scanning is great for interior design projects, as far as using new materials as inspiration for a space. But, as with any tool, a bit of care can ensure that the results from this technique is up to par ’and on par with that of a 2-D scanner. As in 2-D scanners, be sure to use enough material for the scan for each item on your list to see the whole object in 3-D.

Use 3-D Scans for Interior Design Inspiration’

In some cases, you may want to use your tablet or phone to draw, paint, or sculpt and edit images with digital paint tools, or you can scan and paint images and print them onto foamboard. These kinds of applications of 3-D scans come in handy for creating kitchen, bathroom, and dining room interiors that can be assembled from the pieces of a larger larger space ’such as the dining room in which I designed this home office.

How To Scan Kitchen Island Furniture, Drawers, and Appliances

A great use of a 3-D scanning is a kitchen island table that you want to create that can be used in a number of different layouts, including a traditional table with a few chairs, counters, and storage. You can scan the island surface, a drawer with a few drawers, and then use the computer images that come out of the tool to plan out your layout. All you need to do is use your stylus to point at an object or piece of furniture that you like with a stylus. You’ll then be able to use your phone or tablet to scan the object and paint it with a variety of different materials, including wood, plaster, metal, and even glass.

What I love about this method of scanning is that you don’t even need a computer ’you just need to point your stylus at something you like ’and get it to scan and then to paint.