How To Remove Bacteria From Shampoo

One of the best things about a shampoo is that it only takes a few drops to get rid of even potentially damaging bugs. It doesn’t take anything more than just water.

So in one corner of my bathroom, I have two pots. One holds my regular wash of choice and the other holds my favorite natural skin care ingredient. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that it was a bath set. But as a regular lady, these are my shampoo and conditioner of choice. Even before I took on the challenge of making my own shampoo, I always wondered how other mama’s take care of their hair — but the only thing I really felt like I was getting is a nice wash. Well, now thanks to Dr. T’s natural home-cleaning solutions, I will be able to relax in a cozy bath with my hair at ease.

One bowl in your sink, a jar with the same contents, and some salt. You will need this as your only shampoo.

Now you have to use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean it out.

Put about a half cup of vinegar into your pot, plus 4 oz. of baking soda (this is your homemade “salt”). Now start pouring it into the jar.

Now, with this vinegar-salt mixture, you are going to start scrubbing the entire area of your scalp and removing bacteria. If you can smell that it’s starting to smell nice, you’re actually making progress.

Continue scrubbing each section of your scalp with the vinegar-salt mixture until all the bugs are gone. This will take several uses of the solution, so don’t worry if it seems a bit rough at first. Just keep trying. Once the bugs are gone, you can rinse the vinegar-salt solution out of the container, which has a natural pH balance. It can’t take the bad bacteria like soap can and you need it for your hair to be healthy.

Here is a picture of the vinegar-salt mixture where each drop of vinegar is 1.5 oz. of baking soda.

If you notice any bubbles rising to the surface of the water after using the vinegar-salt, you would know that there is moisture in the shower water. So in the morning, you want to be sure to add a few drops of water to it and rinse it out thoroughly before proceeding.

Use about 5-10 drops of vinegar to wash your hair (again using the baking soda as a normal ingredient).

You only want to clean the area around the hair line, not around the scalp.

Do this a handful of times per day on one side of your head.

This recipe works for all types of hair.

Here are some hair-type suggestions for Dr. T to help you with the first time.

Mixed Hair

-Wet hair, blow-dried

-Shampoo in the shower with salt -Braid your hair from the ends into a bun or go for a top knot. -Pair your hair with an awesome braided hairstyle

-If you still have an oily scalp, add water to make the mixture more alkaline.

-Add a few drops of baking soda to one cup of water, but no more than 1 tbsp.

-Add baking soda to your shower water, or for extra alkalinity

-If your hair is too dry, add baking soda to a shower spray, or use a hair rinse with baking tea.

-Rinse your hair in warm water after bathing.

This is very important to note. Baking soda is a pH-lowering agent. If you are using baking soda to give the shampoo the necessary alkalinity, you probably need to mix a second time. You can do this by using a natural shampoo like Bumble and bumble’s organic baking soda shampoo (you’ll want to make sure it isn’t in a bottle — I’ve seen bottles of this with the seal broken. They should still work fine).