How To Remove Carpet Mold With An Enema

It comes out white as well.

I was in the pool one day and saw this white film. I thought it was a mold and pulled my kids away from the pool, saying, “If you see anything like this at the pool you get to tell the lifeguard and never come back.” As if water can really help you prevent mold growth, especially if it looks like a white, slimy film. So I grabbed a handful of my kid’s pool water and started to look for what it could be; my mind was busy, my stomach upset. I looked over, sure enough, there was a moldy, white, slimy film on the water. It was a little gross, so I grabbed a towel and started to wipe it of with the towel. But what I didn’t realize is, there was this white film on my hands as well! But then I realized something: It was not white in texture but color. When I wiped with my towel there were lines, like it had dried. I was like, “Wait a second. Did I just do something wrong?” So then the moldy white powder that was clinging to my towel came away. It was so gross. But then I realized something else: You can easily remove carpet mold with an enema.

There are times when I would go into the bathroom and it would be absolutely horrible, like that white dust coating my walls, floor, and carpet. The carpet is like a thin, white-ish film that covers your whole floor. That was a pretty bad one too because when it dried they could see that white dust everywhere . I would just get up, walk out of the room, and go to the hospital to get it cleaned. That’s when the doctor came back. He put this enema pump right in the room and it was like a little mini hospital shower! It was so cool. I thought about this once in the bathroom and thought that perhaps I could put it to good use. I bought a bag of carpet cleaning powder and was ready to go. Just like I thought, I removed the carpet with little pads that came with it and got the carpet cleaner. I just applied it like you would put an alcohol pad on a floor, in an upward motion. I went back in the room and after about a minute the carpet was clean and I could see a big white mess on the shower floor.

Then, I took the bag of moldy carpet cleaner I bought and sprayed on the carpet. Then I wiped with it and wiped with it, again and again, and wiped it with it and then I scrubbed it with it and wiped with it. Finally, I went back to what I called the hospital and put it all on my floor and the rest was left over to clean up with the carpet cleaner. I was amazed at how easy it was! The last time I used the carpet cleaner, it took 3 minutes to scrub and 2 minutes to clean the floor that wasn’t covered in powder. You would really need your help to scrub and polish an entire room that was covered in dust, powder, and a whiteish film.  

This is what the floor looked like after the carpet cleaner.

And there’s a picture of that exact same carpet in the same room.  

After finishing with the carpet cleaner I was ready for some liquid carpet cleaner. I called Walmart and they had a gallon of liquid carpentry cleaner which I bought. Since I didn’t have a tub, I just sprayed the liquid on my tub and then wiped down my tub and then onto my floor.

I thought that it would be too much work to clean up carpet, but it wasn’t. I think the reason it worked is that it’s the type of liquid that cleans up carpet and has a bit of a gel effect, which helps to help it bond to the surfaces. If you try to scrub and scratch the carpet, the carpet will just wash it away, or at least wash it through. The liquid carpet cleaner helps to get the glue from the carpet to the floor so that the carpet doesn’t wash away. I think it would help my floor, too, since it would be the first thing to wipe right off.

As for the mold, I just want to say that there were no pictures of my bathroom mold growing or my kids’s bathroom mold growing, but the carpet cleaner worked.