How To Remove Cracked Lips From Glass

It’s an everyday task.

It’s pretty everyday if someone finds themselves in a situation where they have to take care of something that isn’t necessarily the easiest or safest. If you are finding yourself in a situation such as this, you will be thankful for having some handy tools on hand. Thankfully the Internet is filled with helpful DIY tips for removing cracked lips from glass. A few tips to consider when picking up glass shards and replacing them on a new pair of glasses, glasses you have already replaced a few times.

I have broken down some of the most common methods and techniques here for removing cracked tips from a glass with the hope that they might prove helpful for you trying to replace your cracked glass lipped glasses.

I have broken down some of the most common methods and techniques

Using your hands :  With many of the methods listed below you will need to pick up and replace the smashed glass at a close range. This is especially helpful with the “glass smashing” techniques. The glass will still be hot and not hot enough for your fingertips to melt and therefore it’s a little awkward to remove and replace the broken glass. It is highly recommended to use a heat gun such as one made for this purpose. Many of the “glass smashing” techniques use a hair dryer or a hairdryer with the glass, even if you use a heat gun it’s a pretty awkward and clumsy way to handle the glass. You will have to keep hold on the broken glass throughout the process.

Hairdryer : This is a pretty common method used to remove cracked glass lipped glasses, and I also think it’s pretty cool. The heat from a hair dryer in combination with the steam will be enough to speed up the destruction of the glass.

Fishing Pole : The advantage of this method is that it’s pretty easy. There are several types of fishing poles available that have adjustable legs which allows you to lift and break the tip off the broken lipped glass. This will allow you to replace said broken glass without having to worry about the tip breaking. I believe this method requires a very strong line in order to be used effectively.

Glass breaking tool : This is the tool that you’re using if you are using a hair dryer or hairdryer. The glass breaking tool takes your broken glass and slowly breaks it down into shards of glass. It’s pretty easy to use and there are multiple models on the market, as long as you have a pair of glasses, you should be able to repair many of them.

Chopsticks from a table : A table can be used to chop up broken glass with very few tools. Most chopsticks you’ll need are used as an indicator of a safe level of concentration. If you have cracked glass on your glasses after a few uses of a heat gun you’ll know that you are safe on the chopsticks as long as you find the levels that you feel comfortable with. This is the ideal method to use if you are using the heat gun so that you are not putting any extra pressure on the fractured glass.

Lacquer cutter : This technique involves cutting the broken glass into long segments and removing it from the surface of glass. This is a more time consuming method but can sometimes produce the best results.

Lantern : This method works for both clean glass and cracked glass, and involves hanging a piece of glass over a hot fire. The glass is cracked because of high pressure, so the crack will spread, eventually growing into a larger break. The process of hanging the broken glass onto the fire is called “drying” and it is the same technique that the “glass crushing” techniques use.