How To Remove Dented Hardware And Plastics From A House With An Iron

You know you are renovating a house when you find the right tool for the job.

With my new steel deck hammer, I’m ready for every type of work. With an iron, I no longer need to buy new tools. I can remove damaged appliances and remove the plastic coating found on my iron to make it more durable. I can also remove rust, remove metal scratches, and restore the look of my iron. It will help prevent rust and make me a more valuable asset.

Before You Begin

If you are unfamiliar with the proper tools for removing metal, then I must warn you. I recommend the following articles to help you prepare before you begin.

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Step 2: Lay the Iron Down On The Work Surface

Step 3: Place the Knife Between The Knuckle And The Hinge

Step 4: Pull The Knife Out (You will notice the knife is sticking out of the hinge on the iron)

Step 5: Use The Knife Cut On The Iron To Remove The Plaster

Step 6: Place The Knife Between The Hinge And The Iron Again, This Time, To Remove The Metal Scratches

Step 7: Pull The Knife Out (You will notice the knife is stuck between the iron hinge and knuckle. This indicates you want to remove the metal scrap)

Step 8: Remove The Frayed Plaster With The Knife (This is where you will be scraping with the knife)

Step 9: Place The Knife In Between The Hinge & Knuckle (This shows you you want to scrape a more defined area with the knife while it is in between the knuckle and the iron)

Step 10: Pull The Knife Out Again, This Time, Using The Knife To Scrape The Scratches From The Iron. This indicates you are removing the more defined areas you are scraping

Step 11: Remove The Scratches & Scraps With The Knife Again

Step 12: Make A Note Of The Metal Remaining On The Iron From The Scratches And Scrapes

Steps 13: Place A Mark On The Iron On What Type Of Metal Is Remaining (You can see the metal from where the knife scraped on the iron is coming out of the iron)

Step 14: Use A Brush And Brush Removal Method To Remove Any Remaining Metal From The Iron. Using the Brush Removes The Most Metal And Scratches from an Iron (This is where scraping with the iron is not required.