How To Remove Old-Fashioned Paper Cutters

This classic trick can save a lot of paper while still giving you the feeling of a new one.

We’re lucky to live in a time when many appliances are designed with both style and safety in mind. But unfortunately, old “toy” cutters are still used in an abundance, especially for cutting paper. And with the advent of disposable technology such as the phone, cell, or tablet phone that is “always on,” we’re seeing an increase in the number of cuts we must make that have been traditionally made using sharp-edged scissors.

This is a very common technique used with paper cutters. A common practice to clean, polish, and smooth an object before painting it or painting it with something new is the “paper chop.”

This article shows how to do the paper chop technique with an old-fashioned paper cutter and a sharpening aid. This does not require any special equipment other than paper, and, of course, cutting tool. You really do not need any special equipment to do this trick except for what is already in your “kit.”

1. Set the Cutting Tool On The Cutting Table

First, make sure you have a cutting tool that you can use while you are applying the paper chop to your object. I recommend a paper knife with a rounded cutting surface on one side or a paper knife with an angled cutting surface. This technique can be done with a standard cutting tool, including a razor or a knife that you could use to make fine trim. In my case, I use a disposable razor from Wal-Mart called “My razor.” You can find it here:

2. Remove The Paper From The Cutting Table Then Fold In Half

Take your old paper cutter and gently pull the sharp end out from the front. It’s helpful to have a helper hold the cutting tool while you pull out the paper. Then gently fold in half on both sides of the sharp end of the cutter and push the end into the cutting table with the other hand.

You’ll want to make sure that both the center and the edges of the paper get completely clean. There should be nothing on the edges showing on the cutting table.

3. Apply The Paper Chop As You Would Any Other Paper Cutter

Once you’ve placed the paper around the sharp end, use a piece of scrap paper under the sharp end of the cutter and guide it and the paper towards one-half of the paper. You can try the paper chop, if you have a good paper cutter. To finish the paper chop, pull out the paper again from the cutting table, make sure the paper is pressed in between the two sides, and then push a piece of scrap paper underneath the sharp end.

4. Clean The Cutting Tool As You Would With Any Cutting Tool

Once you’ve completed the paper chop, wipe the sharp end off the cutting table, clean the blade, and put the sharpening aid back into the kit. Now that you have your old paper cutter in your kit, you can get back to doing more things with it.