How To Remove Water From Your Car

It would be easier to save money if we were to remove the water-related parts that we can see in our car.

You’ll need to fill your car with the car part-free water that you can’t see. The key is not putting the car into the water. The car must sit completely dry, with some water sprinkled to let the dry air in. We think the best solution to this challenge would be to run the car for five or 10 minutes with the air conditioner set on “minimal settings.” You’ll start to hear a slight whistling sound as it cools down but then you’ll get up and use the AC. That will give the car that quick refresh. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have water in your windshield once you’re at home. If you do, it’s probably because it was spilled or you touched it, so just wait for the window cleaner, which will wash out the car spray and clean glass completely for you.

The last thing to do is to replace the water filter so that you don’t need one after cleaning out your water system. If you don’t have a car filter, it’s possible to just put a lid on the container (with the water you want to keep) at the bottom, and use an air hose and/or hoses to push the water in. If the container you’re going to be putting the water in is in an easy-to-open metal container, then you could just use an open-tip bucket to put the water in.

After you’ve cleaned out your water system, make your car smell fresh, and make it look fantastic! You don’t need any fancy tools or anything fancy to do it (and we’ve heard that it’s best if you use common household objects, like plastic bottles, cans, or any other non-metal containers that you don’t mind getting dirty). All you need are a towel and a couple towels (or towels, or whatever you use if you don’t have a towel rack) to do a quick clean, especially as you’re preparing to change your filters.

For an easy way to do the first step, go to your local WalMart or Costco and buy a bottle of white vinegar. You don’t need that much just to clean out a few items, but there’s a good chance that your car’s filter is made like a typical plastic-based filter and you’ll want to get them out of there, so make the most of that opportunity. You can buy several bottles of white vinegar if you want so you can reuse the ones you clean. (You can also use lemon juice or white wine vinegar, but some folks feel strongly against white vinegar since it contains a toxic form of vitamin C and other chemical preservatives that can affect their health.) 

For the next two steps, use the same basic steps to remove the water filter, but add an alcohol based degreaser (we’ve tried vodka, apple cider vinegar, or white wine vinegar, but they don’t always work well).

To degrease the filter, place the container (in this case, your filter) somewhere that won’t soak up the alcohol. You might want to cover it with a towel or a towel block, but whatever works best for you.

Let the container sit for a few minutes but don’t open it. Just let it sit. We think that the alcohol will react with the metal to oxidize the metals so it is better to let the filter sit because any metal that is exposed to the alcohol vapor will be effected. The alcohol in the container won’t go too far or it will evaporate, so the alcohol can react with the metal in the filter to make the metal more permeable.

While it’s sitting in the container, start using the towel or any other type of cloth you have to clean off the alcohol.

Once the container’s water-like container has sat for a minute or two in the alcohol, open it and get ready for the toughest step. 

The first thing to do is to put on a clean rag and wipe off each metal surface in the filter.