How To Remove Worn Paint

We have found the best way to remove worn paint is by rubbing paint off onto a paper towel. Make sure to clean thoroughly and dry thoroughly. Cleaning is also good for cleaning up spills and other spills.

It’s not something that most people think about doing, but the most important thing is if the paint isn’t all clean and dry, it is easy to keep it off. If so, you’ll never have issues with stained carpets or a faded red wall. I always tell people to just clean the surface, don’t worry about removing the paint, but to always clean the surface.

For example, my carpet was in a deep dish which had a lot of dry dirt, as do most dishes. When I cleaned the dish, the stain came right off ( I didn’t use vinegar to scrub the dish ) but after that, I scrubbed the surface every few days, making sure the dirt was gone. I did this for several weeks, and there was no more red in the wall.

There are a variety of products that you can use to remove the stain, or wipe off the stain as I do, but using paper towels is best in my view. It works extremely well, does not leave any residue, and when you wipe it off, it is clean, and does not leave any residue. 

You don’t have to use paper towels all the time to get the job done. It is fine to just use them on your carpets, or on the area you know that you don’t want it to appear on. If I’m just cleaning the walls, I may not use any paper towel at all and just wipe it off on the counter where I will be when I am working on it. 

A word of advice. If I have dirt/spill on my stove, I may just wipe it off with a paper towel, but if it is on the ground I use a vacuum to remove. I like when the surface is clean, so I don’t notice that a spill on the ground was there. You want to make sure you keep a clean surface on any walls in your home.

How To Do A Paint Remover Stain Scrubbing Brush

Another option for this job is a spray paint removing or rubbing brush. These are a great way to get your surfaces clean. Spray paint removers work great for cleaning areas, especially when they clean the areas you don’t want them. 

These sprays are very effective, but you will need to make sure they do the same job as a paper towel as I have described. Be sure to use the same sized brush to remove as much paint as possible. 

You should never wipe these down with any kind of cleaner, as it will wipe out the chemicals. It is better to use a cleaning agent, like vinegar, instead. You’ll also want to make sure you put on a mask so you don’t get any paint on your face that you don’t want from the rubbing brush. 

Spray paint removers are great, but they are not the best to use for removing a stain that’s still wet. It will wipe out the paint, and you won’t have a clean surface. Using vinegar, a brush and a vacuum is the best way I think to get rid of most stains that contain chemicals to remove them.