How To Reorganize Your Home: Quick Tips For Using A Storage Container

To help you declutter your home, I’ve learned how to use a little old fashioned storage container. You can use it for organizing things in a pinch, but what if you want something that will help you organize your things for the long run? Find out today. Let’s get started.

Home can change drastically over the course of months. That’s why you need to be able to quickly reorganize your home, with something as simple as a box. And you might have been spending your money on junk and old stuff and you want to declutter quickly, so you can start saving again. With some quick, decluttering tips, you have a lot more confidence in your ability to use a storage container to your advantage. It’ll help keep your home tidy and it’ll prevent you from breaking items you don’t need broken. Here are some quick storage container organization tips I’ve learned from a fellow writer for the blog .

Step 1: Place a sheet of paper or a plastic bag inside any storage container.

Step 2: Fold the paper and plastic bag down the center to form a small box, and place the container on the floor.

As you are sorting through your collection of things, you might notice that some of the things are in more than one box. Or, there is a lot of junk on the shelves and you would like to declutter your home. That’s the first thing to do.

Step 3: Place one of the things you no longer want in one of the boxes, and place the other things that you would no longer use inside one of the empty boxes or stacks.

Step 4: Keep the paper and plastic bags in place. Keep them on a low, shelf. You can make your own dividers for the paper bags. If you like, use the same paper bag as the lid to one of the paper boxes, or just use it for the lid. Do not use one of those white plastic bags. Those are the plastic bags that have a bag in it (like on the bottom of a big plastic jar or in a coffee can) that you don’t want to use for the things that you want to keep. It’s plastic, not paper that will break under the weight of items inside the storage container.

It’s a lot less work if you use the same containers to organize other things you don’t use much, like books or clothing.  I have used the same containers to organize my kitchen. A few times, I have used empty white bags from the Dollar Tree bins. I like the idea, but if you want your stuff organized, store things in boxes and then use those containers for everything else you want to declutter your home.  I would not recommend hanging these shelves. I have been hung over them every time I have cleaned the living room. I used them to hold some of my books or clothing. A little sticky backing from a tissue, and the books and clothes slide right away.

What I mean is, a few times, I’ve used one of those white plastic bags from the Dollar Tree bins to hang my clothes. That seemed to be easier than using some sort of hanging strap or plastic hooks. I don’t like how the metal hooks feel, and if I don’t hang the clothes, I am afraid the hook will break the clothes before I am done hanging. Plus, I don’t like the sticky backing of the plastic bags, though not as strong as a piece of string. When you do some of these decluttering tips, you will find yourself coming up with these types of solutions. It’s great!  But, it is not necessarily convenient.  If you find out you don’t really have a drawer for certain things, or have had a container break, why waste time reorganizing with a container that has broken parts? Keep the bags on that shelf to organize items you may no longer use.

It’s worth the little effort you will have to make if you want to declutter your home, and there were just some things that I have learned. The biggest issue I see when I bring items to declutter the home is clutter.